All I am I lay it down

Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This is simply a song of dedication. It started out as an alternative to songs such as Jesus, All for Jesus and was written during a time of worship, touching on the idea of God searching us and knowing our hearts, then leading us into the future he has for us. The basis of the song has not changed dramatically from the first time I played it during worship, so hopefully maintains the intimacy of the song. I hope this song serves you well.

All I am, I lay it down,
for you, my God and friend;
take my life into your hands
- here I am to send.
Search my heart, and you will find
willingness to serve,
for your cross has covered me
with grace I don’t deserve.

O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.

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Lovely song....very spare which was perfect for our Ash Wed. service.
Laurie Harris at 15:47 on 26th March 2014
Such a great song.
Gavin Ball at 09:54 on 6th January 2014
I loved this song felt the Lord drawing me to sing it all though I found a couple section hard for my range I thought no I won't use this at church but when I got there the pull f this song was even stronger so I prayed and let the Lord do the work and this song blessed many people that night some saying wow that is a side i never saw of you so thank you for this song cause God done His work through your song through me Veronica
Veronica Rowley at 00:14 on 26th May 2013
Absolutely beautiful. Love it. Have used it twice and going to send it round again on Sunday. Thank you for this un. Mary Smail
Mary Smail at 19:47 on 4th September 2012
Finally going to use this song. Played it to my team last night and they loved it.
Chris Robinson at 12:57 on 18th April 2012
Thank you for the beautiful song "All I am". We shall sing it during our Communion this Sunday in our church.
God bless. Enloc.
Enloc Wu at 07:56 on 17th November 2011
it really is a beautiful song...wonderful lyrics and a lovely music
g.v sharon at 11:50 on 27th September 2011
Gorgeous song. Beautifully written - and sung - an instant hit
Mark Williams at 12:18 on 26th September 2011
My favourite from Resound Worship songbank so far. Easy to sing and to pick up. Good as a solo, group song or for the congregation.
Kate Law-Jones at 15:22 on 30th August 2011
This is SUCH a great song- I've used it on countless occasions as a response song and it seems to work really well every time.
Rachel Elliott at 14:33 on 16th August 2011
Beautiful, simple-to-use ministry song, works brilliantly in times of response as the congregation can pick it up so quickly as use it as their own prayer.
Matt Osgood at 18:19 on 15th August 2011
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