As we gather (Whatever we do)

By Joel Payne | Added 5th October 2009
Bible Passages: Col 3:15-25; Col 4:1
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This is a song about worship, incorporating our corporate expression (on our knees) and our individual lives (on our feet). I've used Col 3 as the source and tried to include different aspects of our lives - family, work, home - perhaps in a way that worship songs don't often do. In my church we often sing this song at our early morning prayer meeting, before heading out to try to do everything in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to God.

As we gather in your presence now,
Lord, we will worship;
as we sing our thankful songs aloud:
Lord we will worship.
When we go out in the name of Christ,
Lord we will worship;
as your word and Spirit shape our lives,
Lord we will worship.

And whatever we do, in word or deed,
we do for the one who sets us free;
when we're on our feet or on our knees,
Lord, we will worship,
Lord, we will worship.

When we love our friends and families,
Lord, we will worship;
when we give ourselves to those in need,
Lord we will worship.
When we take instruction cheerfully,
Lord we will worship;
when we lead with Christ's humility,
Lord we will worship.

In the course of every working day,
Lord, we will worship;
when our business takes us far away,
Lord we will worship.
When we care for children in the home,
Lord we will worship;
when our audience is you alone,
Lord we will worship.

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really like the music they bring me closer to God.
simon william at 06:08 on 18th January 2012
Great song! Will use it at my school for our opening Mass this year!
Danielle Reed at 05:12 on 18th January 2012
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