Before the first (So glorious)

By Kieran Metcalfe | Added 2nd October 2008
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This song came out of listening to David Crowder's 'Everything Glorious', and thinking about what it meant to say we have a Glorious God. It tries to explore God's glory in his complete 'otherness', and as seen in creation, but ultimately acknowledges that his glory is too much for us to stand before. It's only through his grace, and through Jesus, that we can even dare to approach, as he calls us to come to him. His love is so vast and wide, that even in that tenderness, we see some of his glory.

Before the first, beyond the last,
the ever-reigning one;
age to age, the one who was,
the one who is and is to come, oh Lord.

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Living, eternal one, you are so glorious.

You hung the stars, rolled out the skies
and set the earth in place.
All the works your hand has made
reflect your glory, sing your praise, oh Lord.

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Maker of heaven and earth, you are so glorious.

Who can meet your gaze, bear to see your face,
stand before you in the holiest place, the holiest place?

Yet here we stand, amazed by grace,
for, by the light of your Son,
lost are found, the weak made strong
and broken hearts rejoice as one, and sing:

So glorious, you are so glorious.
Living, eternal one, maker of heaven and earth,
treasure of infinite worth,
you are so glorious.

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Thank you so much for this beautiful and moving song. We have used this in church services and for our Praise on the Prom held last July. Am planning to use it again this year too. I just love singing it and praising our wonderful Lord. Thank you !
John McPherson at 16:49 on 22nd March 2014
Thank you for this song loved it just used as a solo in my church and touched many thank you again and keep up the good work
Veronica Rowley at 11:59 on 23rd October 2013
Hey, Keiran.

I really, really like this song.

I haven't used it though, the mp3 being a bit hard to use because of the extended ending. We're asking the Lord for some musicians at the moment, and I have this song earmarked for when the Lord sends us someone who can play the score... ever considered a move to Australia?!!
Damien Carson at 01:10 on 21st September 2011
beautiful. just beautiful.
Eric Paul at 02:36 on 8th September 2011
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