By Chris Gasson | Added 8th October 2007
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score

I wrote Crucified as a reminder to keep coming back to the cross and
reflecting on the ultimate sacrifice given for us. There is a plea for the
Holy Spirit to help us see more of what Jesus did for us and expand the
picture we have. The second verse is then more of a response to his love, as
we take up our cross and follow him. This is obviously a useful song for
communion, but can also be used as a response song focusing on the cross.

Crucified to save me,
crucified to wash me clean.
Your love and life were poured out,
giv'n that I could be set free.
Blood and water flowed,
spilt that I might know your love.

Take me back to the cross,
take me back, show me more of the cost.
Let your Spirit come and turn my eyes
to see your perfect sacrifice.

You walked a path of brokenness,
you walked the path that was my own.
I'll take my cross and follow you,
and demonstrate the love you've shown.
Lead me to that place,
where I see your grace and love.

Show me more of Calvary,
Oh lead me to that place.
I'm humbled by this mystery,
I bow before such grace.

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Hi Mike, I'm afraid that as this is one of the original songs from the first version of the website, we no longer have the original recording files which we would need to reconstruct the backing track. Very sorry about that, hope you manage to find some other way round it - it does work well with just a simple instrumental accompaniment from a guitar or keyboard.
God bless
Matt Osgood at 23:19 on 23rd March 2014
Hi, I've just come by this song for the first time and find it really beautiful and inspiring. Do you have the backing music to purchase please or know where I might get it from?
Thank you
michael rutherford at 13:51 on 23rd March 2014
these is one of the great songs...great message...when perform in church, the message should be relayed
Joel Tabudlong at 04:58 on 10th February 2013
I hope it will work out:) Because I'm planing to sing this song on Friday at Lord's Supper:) I translated the text to German, because the lyrics are so beautiful and most of the elder members wouldn't understand it in English. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful songs...can't stand Albert Frey anymore (Germany => Feiert Jesus! Songbooks and all the songs sound the same):)
Luna Luander at 11:42 on 4th April 2012
beautiful song that reminds us of the importance of focusing on the cross
Ivan Bennett at 02:58 on 4th April 2012
great songs! really inspiring and uplifting...we could use this in our services,,thank you! GOD will surely bless you!!
rolan regalado at 07:20 on 26th March 2012
Hi Tom, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately this is one of our early recordings and we don't have the files anymore with which to make a backing track - hopefully we will manage to catch up on that at some point! As for your question about the word, we'll drop you a line: easier to discuss it via email. God bless.
Joel Payne at 11:57 on 4th January 2012
I love this song... thanks so much for making it available. I wonder if you might be making the backing track available?
Also - one question about 'brokenness' in the second stanza - I stumbled over this as I immediately felt brokenness suggested being broken over his own failings. Knew you wouldn't mean that - but wondered what you did mean.
Human-ness? Suffering?
Anyway - love the song... might be tempted to change that word as we sing it??
In His grip
Tom Drion at 13:56 on 30th December 2011
All your song lift the Name of our Lord, continue to create more songs to glorify His name. God bless resound Worship!!!
Herman De Guzman at 06:07 on 14th November 2011
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