Every nation

Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This song was written after reading the Jeff Lucas bible study notes on the letters to the churches in Revelation. I had previously seen Revelation as a bit of a scary book, full of fire, brimstone and multi-eyed beasts, but this study really opened my eyes to the richness and hope that John's vision holds. It hit me that for me as a Christian, the end held no fear. Instead there is excitement at the prospect of every nation joining with heaven in singing praise forever, that we will be with God in a new heaven and a new earth, that tears will be wiped from our eyes, that death will cease and that the reason we can stand before the throne in worship, is grace, mercy and love. Hallelujah!

Every nation will sing your praise,
all creation will call your name;
hosts of heaven join the song.
You are seated on the throne,
where lightning cracks and thunder rolls;
mighty God, we lift our praise.

Hallelujah, forever you will be
lifted high above all other things.
Glorious saviour, lord of lords, king of kings,
Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Every tear will be wiped away,
no more mourning death or pain,
the former things will pass away.
You are making all things new,
you are trustworthy and true;
mighty God, we lift our praise.

And when all is said and done,
when your kingdom’s reign has come,
and every knee is bowed to you,
in your city, God, you’ll shine
with grace and mercy, love divine;
mighty God, we lift our praise.

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used this song this past sunday AWESOME thank you for your work please put more out like this one it can shake the fruit out of the tree
tim rowlands at 13:04 on 13th March 2012
Great song Adam, the words and tune are awesome. As good or even better than Hear our Praises from Hillsong... they could actually be used together. God Bless you Adam and may you continue to write more for the Lord, you are gifted!
Mike Manby at 06:04 on 21st January 2012
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