Father forgive us

By Andy Irons | Added 3rd July 2009
Bible Passages: Matt 28:16-20; James 2:14-25
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

With this song I wanted to write about how we as Christians are called to take our faith out of our church buildings, and into the world around us. The chorus is a simple creed, that reminds us of the fundamentals of our faith, and the verses are a challenge to live that faith out. The verses take their inspiration from Jesus’ great commission to his disciples at the end of Matthew; “go and make disciples of all nations”, and from James chapter 2, picking up on the powerful challenge that "faith without deeds is dead."

Father, forgive us when we fail to hear your call
to share your perfect love with those outside these walls.
We have the greatest gift, the truth of Jesus Christ;
we're sent to go and tell the world.

We believe in God the Father,
we believe he sent his Son,
we believe that Jesus died and rose again.
We believe he brings forgiveness
and his Spirit changes lives.
We will live this gospel in his name.

Faith without action is as lifeless as the grave,
so may our lives proclaim that Jesus Christ can save.
We are your hands and feet, your workers on the earth,
we'll show our faith by what we do.

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I really love this song, the song is anointed and we as belivers should definetely go out there and share the gospel. Souls are at stake.
veronica Liberdade at 12:22 on 27th February 2014
This is an outstanding closing song, uncompromising lyrics and engaging to sing. It is our first new song of 2012!

Here is the link to my blog article on the song: http://strategicsongselection.blogspot.com/2011/12/new-song-1-for-2012-father-forgive-us.html
Doug Thorsvik at 18:30 on 4th February 2012
Love The word to this song. This should be in the heart of All Gods Children to go out and share Christ and not just sit in a comfortable pew.
Luke Hursh at 00:09 on 23rd December 2011
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