Father your love

This is a song based on some amazing verses from Ephesians 2. We’ve been rescued by God’s grace, made alive and raised up with Christ to be seated ‘in’ him in the ‘heavenly
realms’. It can sometimes be hard for us to grasp the spiritual reality of this – we’ve been elevated to a position of such great honour, dignity and security in Christ – and it’s all a gift which we could never have earned - so in the chorus I wanted to respond in praise to God our Father for the ‘incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus’. I hope that the song will be an encouragement to your faith and a reminder of who you are ‘in Christ’.

Father your love has changed us,
Father your grace has saved us.
We were lost & dead in sin,
but you gave us life again,
you raised us up with Christ.

How great is your mercy
and how deep is your love;
you’ve poured your compassion
and your grace over us.
We praise you our Father
for all you’ve done:
you’ve raised us up with Christ.

Raised to life in your presence,
one with Christ in the heavens.
It’s by faith that we believe,
what our eyes have yet to see,
you’ve raised us up with Christ.

Hallelujah , our Father , you’ve raised us up to life;
Hallelujah , our Father , you’ve raised us up with Christ.

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M blessed , this is indeed a great song
mahlatsi nkwe at 05:38 on 5th September 2013
wonderful song about father our God
madhurima pakala at 15:16 on 23rd May 2012
A definite hit with our choir and the congregation.
Kate Law-Jones at 15:21 on 30th August 2011
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