He's my Saviour

By Joel Payne | Added 27th October 2008
Bible Passages: 1 Cor 15:3-4; Rev 22:20
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score

This song is designed to be improvised! There are a few basic verses to get you going - you can then choose to stop, or carry on with improvised verses. The leader or members of the group/congregation call out 4 or 5 syllable phrases which everyone then joins in singing, finishing with 'Christ the Lord' each time. I've found it works well in big and small groups, and particularly in response to Bible study or preaching, when our eyes have been opened to Jesus' character and work. I've been very encouraged seeing some of the quieter members of a group bravely call out and play a part in leading the praises of the others. We've gone for a live recording of this one to try to give you a really clear idea of how it might work in practice.

He's my Saviour, he's my Saviour,
he's my Saviour, Christ the Lord.

He was crucified...

He is risen...

He is coming...

Leader / congregation improvise additional verses...

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Tried this last night at church. It's the first time I have lead any "unfinished" worship. The first phrase that was called out was "He's the beginning and the end", which was a bit of a challenge to fit - heehee, but it got easier, thankfully. I loved how participatory it was.
Andrew Mitchell at 08:47 on 22nd April 2013
Hermoso canto . God bless you.
miriam figuera at 18:51 on 9th March 2013
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