In Christ

By Sam Hargreaves | Added 25th November 2007
Bible Passages: 2 Cor 5:17; Eph 1:3-14; Col 1:27
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This song is based almost entirely around Ephesians 1, which speaks of our identity 'in Christ'. The first line is a nearly direct quote from the Message version paraphrase of verse 11. The song had an entirely different tune and chorus when first used in my home church, but the critique group pushed me to write something stronger, and I am glad they did! The new chorus also proclaims remarkable, biblical truths from other parts of the New Testament about who we are in Christ.

In Christ we find out who we are and what we're living for,
in Christ we are adopted and our future is secure,
in Christ we have salvation, Jesus' blood has set us free.

We are in Christ, a new creation.
Christ is in us, the hope of glory.

In Christ we all were chosen long before the world began,
in Christ we see the fulness of the Father's perfect plan:
in Christ uniting everything in heaven and on earth.

In Christ we are one body under Jesus as the head,
in Christ we have the power that raised Jesus from the dead,
in Christ we have the Holy Spirit as our guarantee.

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Sort of like Monkees learn to worship. I love it.
Peter Dodge at 18:31 on 12th November 2011
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