Jesus you have called us

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This song seeks to echo the words of Jesus who called for a new sacrifical life from his disciples. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, so that we can consider the call and respond with a repeated "I will follow", hoping that each time we sing those three words our commitment becomes a little bit more real in our hearts.

Jesus, you have called us:
Come, follow me,
take up your cross,
deny yourself
and live.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll trust you
and I'll go where you lead.

I will follow,
I will follow,
I will follow
where you lead.

Jesus, you have shown us
how we should live:
in sacrifice,
and love.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll follow you
with your Spirit in me.


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I love this song, simple and it ministers. Thank you very much
veronica Liberdade at 12:28 on 26th February 2014
Awesome song, something our youth band can use - in South Africa
Teresa Kantor at 20:08 on 13th February 2014
sweet. very peaceful
Ian Garrott at 23:56 on 13th January 2014
Refreshing in my heart, a timely reminder. I am in Guyana South America.
phillip james at 01:56 on 9th January 2014
Great song to use as a response to prayer! Really enjoy singing and leading this song! Thanks for writing it!
James Kotora at 03:41 on 27th November 2013
lovely song!!!...thank you for this song.....
elizabeth seban at 17:11 on 16th March 2013
Thank you for this song. I hope to use it if you let me translate it to Spanish. I am in Puerto Rico.
Othni Morales at 20:30 on 12th September 2012
Sang this tonight as a response to a sermon on following Jesus - what a great song. Nice one JP.
Matt Osgood at 21:08 on 6th May 2012
This is a fabulous song.... really superb thank you
gerrie mcconaghy at 23:30 on 5th March 2012
This is our Lenten theme song this year. In Lent we are looking at the stories from Luke 9-12, and what it means to follow Jesus. Thanks for a great song!
Ann Aichinger at 19:01 on 23rd February 2012
very nice song.... "i will follow" :)
kenneth kabingue at 06:18 on 2nd February 2012
cosme villegas leydi at 02:25 on 23rd January 2012
JOEL me alegra mucho tu cancion y tienes mucha razon en lo que cantas , pedire adios pos tu vida y por de rhiannon los quiero besos .leydi FAMILIA PERUANA SIEMPRE LES ESPERA EN PERU VUELVAN PRONTO
cosme villegas leydi at 02:20 on 23rd January 2012
muy hermoso joel sou leydi tu familia peruana
cosme villegas leydi at 23:44 on 18th January 2012
Perfect timing! The Gospel for this Sunday is the calling of Simon Peter and Andrew. Thanks!
Wayne Bradley at 19:05 on 18th January 2012
Great words and harmonies...looking forward to using it. Blessings!
Nilanthi Sim at 06:46 on 18th January 2012
Calms my spirit . . . makes me want to use this soon in worship.
Phillip Sams at 20:37 on 17th January 2012
Words from the Spirit, we are weak Jesus has shown us the way, we must follow. Great song Joel, abundant blessings.
Terry Goble at 13:52 on 17th January 2012
Slows us down and lets us think about the words
Rosemarie Stalker at 21:20 on 16th January 2012
Beautiful and expectant of a response from our hearts. Well done Joel (and beautiful harmonies too)
jan smith at 15:56 on 15th January 2012
lovely song, nice one joel!
Gavin Ball at 15:47 on 14th January 2012
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