Lord, you have searched me

By Joel Payne | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Passages: Psalm 139
Includes: Full MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score

Psalm 139 is a favourite for many people, often turned to for comfort in the knowledge that God is always with us and interested in every aspect of our lives. At the same time it's a psalm which warns us we can't escape God; the darkness won't hide us; we shouldn't try to claim control of our own lives. I've sung this at times very gently, with a piano and string instruments, but also rocked it up for a men's gathering and larger congregations - both of which have worked well and brought out the different nuances of the psalm.

Lord, you have searched me and know me
you know when I sit, when I rise.
All of my moments, my ways and my words
are clearly discerned by your eyes.
You have laid your hand upon me
enclosed me, behind and before.
Who else could ever have knowledge like this
so high and so wonderful, Lord?

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
If I go up to the heavens
you are there, you are there.
If I go deeper than oceans
or rise on the wings of the morning
or fly to the farthest horizon
you are there, you are there,
you are there.

If I thought darkness would hide me
shielding my ways from your sight
even the night would be bright as the day
the darkness would shine with your light.
Even before I was formed, Lord
all of my days you ordained.
You have created me, you I will praise
I’m fearfully wonderfully made.

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We sang this yesterday for our Sanctity of Human Life Sunday service.
Marvin Hadenfeldt at 17:50 on 19th January 2015
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