Praise the God of grace and glory

Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

The inspiration for this song comes from Luke 2:8-14 where some lowly shepherds have an amazing encounter with the glory of God and hear the great news that a saviour has been born Jesus, Gods ultimate gift of love to us . The verses speak of Gods mercy and salvation as revealed through the incarnation, offering hope and peace to all, and then encourage us to respond in praise, adding our song to that of the angels, giving glory to God!

1.Praise the God of grace and glory
for the wonders of his love;
angels tell of his great mercy
in giving us his Son.

2.Through the Holy Spirit's power,
Christ our saviour comes to birth,
bringing glory to the Father
and hope to all the earth.

Glory to God in the highest heaven,
peace on earth, mercy for all!
See how the gift of love is given:
Christ the Lord is born for us.

3.God is veiled in human weakness,
born to bear our grief and sin.
Grace and truth draw near to save us
in Christ the humble King.

4.Praise the God of restoration
for the gift of Christ our King
Join the angels' celebration,
come, worship him and sing:

Glory to God, glory to God
Glory to God, glory to God.

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I thought you might like to know that we sang this song this Christmas. Both words and music were very much appreciated. We have regular meetings where we try out 3 or 4 new songs. This was the one we wanted to use in our Sunday morning service. Thank you.
David Scott at 19:09 on 7th February 2014
Nice song! Hauntingly memorable modal melody... the Bsus4 and B chords are a nice departure from the otherwise minor quality of the tune. Well done!
Dwayne Martin at 17:07 on 18th December 2011
i love it! verse 3 is so full of truth, explaining the gospel really well.
Gavin Ball at 20:02 on 15th December 2011
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