Redeeming Love

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God’s redeeming love has won! This is a song of declaration and celebration in praise of Jesus’ resurrection and his redemptive love. The journey of this song was originally birthed in John 14:6 contemplating the fact that Jesus is the only Way (Truth & Life) to God the Father, hence the bridge being written early on. As the song progressed, alongside studying various parts of scripture, the sentiment of celebration and praise rose up within me. With the triumph of Jesus’ resurrection being impressed upon me, the chorus burst out with “Hallelujah”.

We can celebrate because Jesus overcame death. We can celebrate because we live in Him (John 11:25-26) and have everlasting life because of his resurrection. 

The ‘Good News’ theme in the last line of the chorus has been carried on and developed in verse 2 and how right and biblical it is that we are the carriers of Jesus’ truth and life to the world. 

Redeeming love has won!
You rose from death and crowned
with glory now, you reign in heaven.
Death could not hold you down;
by resurrection power
we live in you, now and forever.

Hallelujah, your redeeming love has won!
Hallelujah, to our Saviour, God’s own Son. 
Hallelujah, we will sing salvation’s song           
‘til the whole world hears what Jesus Christ has done;
let the whole world hear what Jesus Christ has done .

Good news will have a voice
as we declare the truth 
that Jesus lives, that He is risen.
Redeeming love in us                       
must show a dying world           
the life of Christ,  and his salvation.

We believe you are our freedom, 
the highway to the Father’s heart,
we believe you’re our salvation:
hear us shout it out!

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an awesome easter praise song, a step up from the slow tempo and sometimes not quite so effective expressions of God's great Redeeming Love . well done Jo
marian williams at 10:17 on 16th September 2013
Awesome song!! Truly reveals the heart of Abba Father.
shirley noseworthy at 01:47 on 11th September 2013
this song is just wonderful.
patricia edwards at 02:40 on 3rd September 2013
Thank you for this beautiful song. My choir sang this as the congregation prepared for the start of the Easter Sunday service.
Miranda, St Philip's, Westbrook.
miranda lomas at 22:00 on 12th April 2013
What a great Easter Song!! would have loved to have played this last week at St Barnabas!!! Regards Nick Levens - Bournemouth.
nickj levens at 12:38 on 11th April 2013
Awesome! Thank you so much for this song. "Redeeming Love" is the theme for our Musical during last Good Friday Serviice sang by our very own KIDS FOR JESUS. Your resources are very helpful. God bless
ESTHER Clavecilla at 05:51 on 4th April 2013
sounds great it will wake the congregation up
david smart at 17:50 on 22nd March 2013
Well done Jo keep writing great songs bless you
Elizabeth lynch at 22:05 on 26th September 2012
the message of the song comes straight from the Bible to the heart of man. awesome song. will teach it to my youth group. great song!!
patricia edwards at 14:02 on 11th September 2012
A really well written song! Everything works together so well (lyrics, tempo, music, etc.) for a great resurrection song. Well done!!!
Justin Tamlin at 15:08 on 6th September 2012
Great song Jo, so positive about what Christ has achieved. Love the lyrics and the melody & feel of the song fit together so well!
Mel Underwood at 21:36 on 4th September 2012
Lovely Song.
LINDA ANAN at 20:59 on 4th September 2012
whata great song I will be using it in little kimble. love it
val pyper at 10:44 on 4th September 2012
wonderful - I reckon this song will become a favourite in our churches here in The North Yorkshire Coast Circuit of the Methodist Church - Well Done!
Ellinor Pugh at 09:20 on 4th September 2012
What a great song. Love it!
geoff boland at 21:42 on 3rd September 2012
sounds great, well done jo!
Gavin Ball at 12:46 on 31st August 2012
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