Walking in your freedom

This song was written to celebrate the freedom that God has given us through
Jesus, releasing us to worship with thankfulness and liberation. As we walk
in this freedom, we are encouraged to fix our eyes on Jesus and throw off
all distractions. This song works well for thanksgiving, but also has a life
application that is helpful for teaching and a reminder of God's purposes
for our lives.

Walking in your freedom, living in your grace,
I'm worshipping with liberated praise.
Looking to you Jesus, seeking out your face,
I'm lifting up this thankful heart in praise!

For you bring freedom, light into my soul.
You bring freedom; life that makes me whole.
So thank you Jesus, Jesus,
you paid for this liberty, and set me free.

Striving for your glory, running for the prize,
I'm throwing all that hinders me aside.
Reaching for my Saviour, reaching for my goal,
I'm looking to the one who saved my soul!

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