We give glory (Awesome Trinity)

By Matt Osgood | Added 4th February 2009
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

Fundamental to our worship as Christians is the fact that we worship one God in three persons; Father, Son and Spirit. After reading Robin Parry’s excellent book ‘Worshipping Trinity’ I realised that this fact was hardly mentioned in many of the songs we sing in church, so set about trying to write a song that simply praised God for his Trinitarian nature. Trying to encompass the Three-in-One Godhead in three verses of four lines each is a bit like trying to squeeze the Atlantic Ocean into a pint glass (!), but hopefully this song will make a small contribution towards filling this gap in our sung worship repertoire.

We give glory and praise to the Father;
uncreated, immortal, invisible God.
His hands hold the whole of creation,
and his heart overflows with love.

We give glory and praise to our Saviour;
Son of God, Son of Man, perfect payment for sin.
He rose from the grave, he ascended,
and one day he will come again.

You are so holy, holy, holy,
the awesome Trinity,
forever Father, Spirit, Son.
You are, you were and always will be
God from eternity,
forever three, forever one.

We give glory and praise to the Spirit
who inspires and equips us to follow the Son.
Our Helper, our Counsel, our Comfort,
guarantee of all that’s to come.

You are our God, you are our God.
You are our God, you are our God.
The only God, the Living God,
Almighty God, You are our God.

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You did an excellent job on simplifying some very basic fundamental truths that are very important for every believer to understand and embrace.
Fernando Campos at 01:18 on 8th November 2012
Our choir is singing We give glory (Awesome Trinity) at worship on Sunday 11/11. It is beautiful
Keith Edwards at 10:22 on 30th October 2012
I am putting this up as a utube it is so wonderful thank you
JustMe inT at 06:34 on 27th May 2012
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