We may not (God's masterpiece)

All Age
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 5th May 2009
Bible Passages: Eph 2:10; Heb 10:22; Rev 7:9
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This song was inspired by Ephesians 2:10, which talks about us being "God's workmanship", but another RESOUNDworship.org writer said this would be better translated "God's masterpiece". It is intentionally an All Age song - so hopefully it balances depth of content with easily understandable concepts and a fun, easy, energetic tune. It has been checked and endorsed by BIG Ministries who are experts on All Age worship.

1.We may not be much to look at,
yet we are God's works of art.
In his skilful hands he's painting
masterpieces in the making;
so our lives display Jesus every day.

2.We had scrawled across his image,
scribbled on God's finest work.
Jesus took our sin-graffiti,
died to clean us up completely;
we are raised with Christ,
perfect in God's sight.

3.What a day when all are gathered,
a billion colours we will shine,
telling God's salvation story,
never fading, giving glory:
heaven's gallery for eternity.
What a day that will be:
God's great masterpiece.

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awesome image that really works well in the song
Nigel Roberts at 17:58 on 23rd September 2011
Great , high energy song , which works very well in an all age setting . The words are excellent - fun , imaginative & profound too! On one occasion when we used this at our church we invited the younger children to come & draw pictures of themselves on a big sheet - creating their own 'masterpiece' to illustrate the song , while the rest of the congregation sang it together.
Judy Gresham at 17:56 on 19th September 2011
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