Who is this? (Miracles)

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Sometimes when I read the gospels I can imagine myself as one of those who saw the extraordinary power and compassion in Jesus' miracles, and this song tries to do that, joining the disciples who responded to Jesus by putting their faith in him. But it also comes from the perspective that all those acts of power were ultimately outshone by the eternal consequences of the greatest miracle - Jesus' death and resurrection. It's by this miracle and this alone that we are saved and we'll never get tired of singing about it.

Who is this?
At His word, a lame man walks,
and a silent man can talk,
and the broken are restored.
Who is this?
He can walk on raging seas,
and command a storm to cease;
at His voice the demons flee!
This is Jesus!

This is our God, working wonders and miracles,
this is the Saviour, the Son who was slain
and rose again in the greatest of miracles,
and by this miracle we are saved,
by this miracle we are saved!

Who is this?
See the hungry crowd he feeds,
and his power over disease;
even deafness has been healed!
Who is this?
Turning water into wine,
giving sight back to the blind?
He can raise the dead to life!
This is Jesus!

What a God, what a saviour,
we believe, in him we believe.
What a miracle maker,
we believe, in him we believe,
We believe, in him we believe.

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sorry I was un able to download a pdf file on my computer.
Lyndon Roesler at 17:13 on 17th February 2012
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