Who knows (God knows)

All Age
By Andy Irons | Added 7th September 2010
Bible Passages: Psalm 139; Luke 12:7
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

'God knows everything about me, and God loves me' - what an awesome truth! I wrote this song as an all age song, so that the whole church, from young to old, could engage with this truth about God together. When I've used it I've been told about young children asking their parents at home, 'Does God really know everything about me?' and adults in the church being struck afresh that God knows them completely, their good points and bad points, yet despite their human failings he still loves them completely. I hope you find this song useful in your churches, and that it continues to bless and inspire young and old alike.

Who knows the number of hairs on my head?
Who understands my fears?
Who knows my dreams when I sleep in my bed?
Who's counted all my tears?

Who knows my life, every night, every day?
Who's always here with me?
Who knows my words, everything that I say?
Who sees the things I see?

God knows everything about me,
he knows everything about me,
God knows everything about me,
and God loves me.

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we've been using this all week at our holiday club in Bristol, great song!
Gavin Ball at 17:43 on 26th July 2012
used this song on sun morning, lots of kids and leaders moshing to the woah woah bit!
Gavin Ball at 10:57 on 30th April 2012
Love the song. Looking forward to using it at our church parent and toddler group. They'll love dancing along to the catch tune. Thanks
Paula Ryding at 17:11 on 23rd April 2012
The song is wonderful and very encouraging. The children from our Sunday school sang along with the backing track. It came out very well and was appreciated by many. Thank you, and God bless you!
Owen Amanna at 09:59 on 7th November 2011
Hey Cathy - that's sounds brilliant, we love hearing about people being creative with worship songs!
Joel Payne at 17:01 on 18th September 2011
We are year 9 students who have used this song and made a video of us dancing to it (: it's a pretty catchy beat.
Cathy Smith at 07:23 on 18th September 2011
truely rockin song!
Gavin Ball at 22:01 on 18th August 2011
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