You are God (Glorious)

By Matt Osgood | Added 8th October 2007

Psalm 66:2 has formed the basis for the vision statement of the worship team at St. Stephen's - to 'make his praise glorious!' is what we're aiming for. As that vision statement was being developed I was working on this song, and trying to express how inexpressible God is, which is of course an impossible task! The opening line was originally 'There is no canvas big enough, to paint a picture of your worth', which is where the whole concept sprang from. In the critiquing process this song went through at least four different versions with completely different melodies and lyrics, and the original opening line was ditched due to being too awkward to sing!

You are God beyond the stars,
you are bigger than the skies,
you are greater than our minds can comprehend.
You are limitless in might,
you're the Lord of space and time,
you're the uncreated one, without beginning, without end.

You are glorious,
you are glorious,
there is no-one who compares with you
in the heavens or the earth.

Human words cannot describe
the height and depth of who you are,
every poem to your praise is incomplete.
There's no symphony or song
that could bring sufficient praise,
there's no harmony so grand, there is no melody so sweet.

No painter could portray the wonders of your worth,
your splendour fills the skies and echoes through the earth.
Our thoughts cannot contain the mystery of your ways,
but still our hearts are full with all consuming praise.

You are glorious,
you are glorious,
you are matchless in your majesty,
you are infinite in worth.
You are glorious.

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