You bring peace

By Sam Hargreaves | Added 4th October 2010
Bible Passages: Psalm 23:4; Isa 9:2-7
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

This started off as a setting of the famous passage from Isaiah 9, which I imagined using both at Christmas and other times of the year. As I dug into the text it struck me how this promise of a coming messiah is given to a people in the midst heartache and grief, suffering and loss. This inspired the tone - sombre and reflective, but with a strong note of hope and trust. Shortly after I finished it, we were asked to sing it at the funeral of our friend Paul, who died of cancer, and it was testimony to his trust in a God who walks with us in the dark places. I pray it might minister to you and those in your congregation who are going through the 'valley of the shadow of death'.

You bring peace but not as the world gives,
you bring joy in the midst of our grief,
you're the light who shines in our darkness,
you bring hope when we struggle to see.

Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, so wonderful to me.

Those walking in darkness have seen a great light
as the dawn breaks, shattering shadows.
The valley of death holds no fear in the night
for he's with us; God is with us.

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hi antonieta,

great to hear about the talent show! you can download the mp3 free or the chord chart or piano score (also free) on the left hand side at the top of this page and learn the song if you want?

God bless,
Gavin Ball at 11:15 on 16th January 2013
to whom it may concern , we are having a talent show to help the youths to raise money and this would be the perfect song for me to sing i would like to learn this song before feburary 24th how can i get a copy????
antonieta soviero at 10:52 on 16th January 2013
Used this at our 11 a.m. Service today as a ministry song during communion . Was very effective as the theme for the first Sunday in advent was the peace/shalom of God , and the band enjoyed playing it with the bluesy feel . Thanks, Sam!
Judy Gresham at 14:13 on 2nd December 2012
Wow great song first time I've listened to it keep writing and inspiring others Sam.
Paul lynch at 22:23 on 26th September 2012
this is a beautiful song fit for our service during the preparation for the christmas season
manolo loreto at 00:58 on 17th December 2011
will be using this for a reflective pause during our carols and candles (with three part harmonies) - folks will be given the opportunity to bring forward tea lights as we sing as a responsive prayer for people or situations that they wish God to bring his light
Ruth Neve at 15:13 on 15th December 2011
Just off to meet with our church youth to see if they've got this song together ready for our Carol Service on Sunday.
The song gets better each time I hear it Sam, and I was one of the first few!
Daren Allder at 19:22 on 14th December 2011
surely God is our God of peace
earnest hamisi at 13:50 on 7th December 2011
great songs !!!!! post more please
akam ismael at 15:23 on 12th October 2011
The everlasting peace of Jesus Christ what more could we ask for?
Dee Trundy at 01:21 on 20th September 2011
Love this song. I cannot wait to introduce it to our congregation during Advent.
Dawn Reed at 18:30 on 16th August 2011
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