Songs about "Blood of Christ"

Here is bread

Richly lyrical Communion song.
By Mark Bradford | Added 18th January 2016
Bible Refs:

Lamb of God

A modern hymn celebrating the cross, resurrection and glorification of Jesus.

Let us kneel at Calvary

Contemporary hymn reflecting on Jesus' cross, ending with the resurrection.

In Christ

Joyful up-tempo song stating the truth of who we are 'In Christ'
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 25th November 2007


Gentle ballad reflecting on the meaning of Christ's crucifixion

Son of God

Cross-focussed song ideal for use during Communion
By Judy Gresham | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Refs: John 6:51-53; John 15:5

King of glory

Joyful modern hymn celebrating the resurrection

A tomb so cold

An up-tempo celebration of Jesus' resurrection
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