Songs about "Holy Spirit"

When you spoke

A song that richly explores the voice of God from creation through to today

Spirit of God

A simple song calling on the Holy Spirit, in three parts.
By Carey Luce & Geraldine Latty | Added 20th April 2015

Holy Spirit inspire again

A song of invitation to the Holy Spirit
By Jo Doré | Added 29th August 2014

Jesus you have called us

Gentle song of commitment to take up our cross and follow Jesus.

We believe

Explores the mystery that Christ has died, is risen and will come again.

We give glory (Awesome Trinity)

Mid-tempo anthemic rock song praising our one God as Father, Son and Spirit

The Spirit of the Lord

Funky disco-tinged song placing us in Jesus' mission as stated in Luke 4
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 8th September 2008

Lord, you have searched me (Psalm 139)

Gentle and powerful song based on Psalm 139
By Joel Payne | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Refs: Psalm 139
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