Songs about "Resurrection"

Hallelujah Christ is risen

Simple 3-part song of Easter celebration

Lamb of God

A modern hymn celebrating the cross, resurrection and glorification of Jesus.
By Judy Gresham | Added 7th March 2013

Redeeming Love

Song of upbeat praise to the resurrected Christ.

Father your love

Light, joyful reflection on deep truth from Ephesians 2

Let us kneel at Calvary

Contemporary hymn reflecting on Jesus' cross, ending with the resurrection.

We believe

Explores the mystery that Christ has died, is risen and will come again.

Jesus Christ God's Son (Jesus Lives)

Rock praise song celebrating the resurrection
By Matt Osgood | Added 20th July 2009

Come see the Son

Coldplay-esque song following the story of Good Friday through to Easter Day

He's my Saviour

The song you help write! A really useful framework for encouraging groups to contribute in worship
By Joel Payne | Added 27th October 2008
Bible Refs: 1 Cor 15:3-4; Rev 22:20

On the darkest day of all

Triumphant Easter song tracing the journey from Good Friday to resurrection victory

Who is this? (Miracles)

Up-tempo song based on Jesus' miracles and giving the answer: 'This is our God'

King of glory

Joyful modern hymn celebrating the resurrection

A tomb so cold

An up-tempo celebration of Jesus' resurrection
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