Songs about "Sending out"

All I have

Mid-tempo rock song of passionate commitment to God
By Matt Osgood | Added 8th October 2007

Father forgive us

Powerful rock song of repentance and commitment to mission and action for God's glory
By Andy Irons | Added 3rd July 2009

May the Lord bless you

Aaron's blessing set as a quiet acoustic refrain
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 5th October 2009
Bible Refs: Num 6:24-26

Spirit of God

A simple song calling on the Holy Spirit, in three parts.
By Carey Luce & Geraldine Latty | Added 20th April 2015

When our songs (Have mercy)

Song of intercession for our broken hurting world.
By Matt Osgood | Added 4th February 2009
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