Songs about "Sin"

We come to you in sorrow

A song of confession, repentance and confidence of forgiveness.
By Joel Payne | Added 28th January 2014
Themes: Repentance, Mercy, Sin

Lamb of God

A modern hymn celebrating the cross, resurrection and glorification of Jesus.
By Judy Gresham | Added 7th March 2013

Father your love

Light, joyful reflection on deep truth from Ephesians 2

Let us kneel at Calvary

Contemporary hymn reflecting on Jesus' cross, ending with the resurrection.

I need not fear (Greater Saviour)

Acoustic song proclaiming the greatness of Jesus our Saviour

O Lord our God

Song focussing on the Father's greatness and power, and also his tender mercy to us
By Matt Osgood | Added 27th October 2008

When I'm weak

Powerful mid-tempo anthem proclaiming 'You are good and your grace is enough for me'
By Joel Payne | Added 5th January 2008
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