The Songs

Come you thankful people
All Age

Fun all age song, gathering all kinds of people to praise our Triune God

What kind of throne

Beautifully poetic Christmas song focusing on a personal response of worship
By Joel Payne | Added 30th October 2007

On Christmas Day

Mid-tempo 6/8 song reflecting on the wonder of 'Immanuel - God with us'
By Matt Osgood | Added 11th November 2008

Jesus lead us to the Father

3-part round drawing a congregation into worship of our Triune God
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 3rd July 2007

All I have

Mid-tempo rock song of passionate commitment to God
By Matt Osgood | Added 8th October 2007


Gentle ballad reflecting on the meaning of Christ's crucifixion

Come see the Son

Coldplay-esque song following the story of Good Friday through to Easter Day

We worship a wonderful Saviour

Up-tempo song themed around the incarnation, building to a huge crescendo of praise of 'God with us'
By Joel Payne | Added 11th November 2008

High in the heavens

Mid-tempo song of praise to Jesus based on Philippians 2:5-11
By Judy Gresham | Added 14th May 2008
Bible Refs: Phil 2:5-11

There is a love

Mid-tempo song celebrating God's love in our lives

Jesus you have called us

Gentle song of commitment to take up our cross and follow Jesus.

All I am I lay it down

Intimate acoustic song of devotion and commitment

We believe

Explores the mystery that Christ has died, is risen and will come again.

When our songs (Have mercy)

Song of intercession for our broken hurting world.
By Matt Osgood | Added 4th February 2009

Who knows (God knows)
All Age

Up-tempo all-age praise song about an all-knowing God
By Andy Irons | Added 7th September 2010
Bible Refs: Psalm 139; Luke 12:7

On the darkest day of all

Triumphant Easter song tracing the journey from Good Friday to resurrection victory

May the Lord bless you

Aaron's blessing set as a quiet acoustic refrain
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 5th October 2009
Bible Refs: Num 6:24-26

Wonderful Counsellor

3 part round of cumulative praise
By Andy Irons | Added 2nd November 2010
Bible Refs: Isa 9:6; Isa 7:14; Matt 1:23

Lamb of God

A modern hymn celebrating the cross, resurrection and glorification of Jesus.

You bring peace

Mid-tempo song of trust in the Prince of Peace
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 4th October 2010
Bible Refs: Psalm 23:4; Isa 9:2-7

Lord, you have searched me (Psalm 139)

Gentle and powerful song based on Psalm 139
By Joel Payne | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Refs: Psalm 139

Jesus Christ God's Son (Jesus Lives)

Rock praise song celebrating the resurrection
By Matt Osgood | Added 20th July 2009

In the beginning

A joyful song based on John 1.
By Joel Payne | Added 6th October 2014
Bible Refs: John 1

More than gold

A passionate mid-tempo song yearning for true worship in all of life

Let us kneel at Calvary

Contemporary hymn reflecting on Jesus' cross, ending with the resurrection.

Miracle Child

Thoughtful song of wonder at the incarnation
By Gavin Ball | Added 7th December 2011
Themes: Christmas, Jesus

You are a refuge (Arms)

Powerful reflection on God's heart for the broken, turning to our response.

Searching for a baby

Reflective Christmas song about looking for Jesus and discovering he's found you.
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 11th December 2012
Bible Refs: Matt 2; Luke 2

Sing to God

Uptempo call to worship in song
By Gavin Ball | Added 5th August 2011

Praise the God of grace and glory

A worship song for Christmas, with a Fleetwood Mac vibe, drawing out its implications for all times

Redeeming Love

Song of upbeat praise to the resurrected Christ.

You lead us through the wilderness

Folky 6/8 acoustic song ideal for the season of Lent

Father your love

Light, joyful reflection on deep truth from Ephesians 2

Who is this? (Miracles)

Up-tempo song based on Jesus' miracles and giving the answer: 'This is our God'

King of glory

Joyful modern hymn celebrating the resurrection

We give glory (Awesome Trinity)

Mid-tempo anthemic rock song praising our one God as Father, Son and Spirit

He's my Saviour

The song you help write! A really useful framework for encouraging groups to contribute in worship
By Joel Payne | Added 27th October 2008
Bible Refs: 1 Cor 15:3-4; Rev 22:20

Lord why does it seem

Mid-tempo song of Lament and Hope with a 60s soul vibe

Holy holy holy Lord

Reverent, awe-inspiring setting of the Sanctus text
By Kieran Metcalfe | Added 9th September 2009

You are good and forgiving

Heartfelt song of trust in God through difficult times
By Joel Payne | Added 29th December 2009
Bible Refs: Psalm 86:5-10

As we gather (Whatever we do)

A joyful commitment to worship in every sphere of life
By Joel Payne | Added 5th October 2009
Bible Refs: Col 3:15-25; Col 4:1

A tomb so cold

An up-tempo celebration of Jesus' resurrection

Father forgive us

Powerful rock song of repentance and commitment to mission and action for God's glory
By Andy Irons | Added 3rd July 2009

Before the first (So glorious)

Anthemic song of praise to our awesome creator
By Kieran Metcalfe | Added 2nd October 2008

I need not fear (Greater Saviour)

Acoustic song proclaiming the greatness of Jesus our Saviour

The Spirit of the Lord

Funky disco-tinged song placing us in Jesus' mission as stated in Luke 4
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 8th September 2008

Every nation

Anthemic rock song of praise based on the book of Revelation

Ring out the bells

A Christmas song of proclamation, peace and hope.
By Judy Gresham | Added 20th November 2013

Listen to the sound

A Christmas call to worship
By Joel Payne | Added 12th October 2013
Bible Refs: Luke 2

Father God we come

Mid-tempo rock song drawing people into worshipping the Father through the Son by the Spirit
By Andy Irons | Added 8th September 2008
Bible Refs: Eph 3:12; Heb 2:12; Heb 4:16

When I'm weak

Powerful mid-tempo anthem proclaiming 'You are good and your grace is enough for me'
By Joel Payne | Added 5th January 2008

See the star

Christmas praise song.
By Matt Osgood, Dan Weeks, Matt Weeks | Added 6th October 2014

O Lord our God

Song focussing on the Father's greatness and power, and also his tender mercy to us
By Matt Osgood | Added 27th October 2008

We may not (God's masterpiece)
All Age

Rocking song for all ages, which talks about us as God's works of art
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 5th May 2009
Bible Refs: Eph 2:10; Heb 10:22; Rev 7:9

I lift my eyes to the hills

Reflective song declaring trust in God based on Psalm 121
By Judy Gresham | Added 30th January 2008
Bible Refs: Psalm 121; Isa 26:4

Come let's sing (Psalm 95)

An upbeat call to praise the God of all creation
By Joel Payne | Added 28th July 2014
Bible Refs: Psalm 95:1-11

Look up to the skies
All Age

Fun, Latin-tinged all age song celebrating God's greatness displayed in creation
By Judy Gresham | Added 1st June 2009
Bible Refs: Psalm 19:1-6; Rom 1:20

Son of God

Cross-focussed song ideal for use during Communion
By Judy Gresham | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Refs: John 6:51-53; John 15:5

Take my life

Gentle, powerful song of commitment.
By Matt Osgood | Added 12th January 2015

Let your spirit rise

Lively call to worship, with a call and response style.
By Judy Gresham | Added 18th October 2013
Bible Refs: Psalm 25:1; 1 Pet 2:9
Themes: Gathering, Praise

You are God (Glorious)

Up-tempo rock song praising our God who is greater than anything we can imagine
By Matt Osgood | Added 8th October 2007

Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy)

A powerful song of praise, prayer, hope and a cry for justice.

Holy Spirit inspire again

A song of invitation to the Holy Spirit
By Jo Doré | Added 29th August 2014

Hallelujah Christ is risen

Simple 3-part song of Easter celebration.

To the broken (What is he to you?)
Crossing Songs Winner

A personal challenge to see Jesus and answer the question 'What is he to you?'
By Rebekah Young | Added 29th November 2013
Bible Refs:
Themes: Jesus, Faith

In Christ

Joyful up-tempo song stating the truth of who we are 'In Christ'
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 25th November 2007

Lift up your eyes

Advent song of hope.
By Judy Gresham | Added 25th November 2014
Bible Refs:

We come to you in sorrow

A song of confession, repentance and confidence of forgiveness.
By Joel Payne | Added 28th January 2014

How good it is

An upbeat call to praise based on Psalm 147.
By Andy Irons | Added 18th March 2014
Bible Refs: Psalm 147
Themes: Praise

When you spoke

A song that richly explores the voice of God from creation through to today

When the storms are overwhelming

A gentle song of invitation for the broken, weak and weary.

Spirit of God

A simple song calling on the Holy Spirit, in three parts.
By Carey Luce & Geraldine Latty | Added 20th April 2015

We were strangers (One Body)

A lively and fun song of unity in diversity.
By Cathy Summers, Matt Osgood | Added 11th May 2015

Here is bread

Richly lyrical Communion song.
By Mark Bradford | Added 18th January 2016
Bible Refs:

Daily I stumble (Grace enough)

A joyful celebration of God's welcoming grace.

You say (Trust in the Lord)

A powerful song of trust in a faithful God.
By Matt Osgood | Added 31st August 2014

We have come to our Father

Thoughtful song about honesty in worship
By Sam Hargreaves | Added 26th October 2015
Bible Refs:

Find rest O my soul

Powerful reflection on an all-loving all-sustaining God.
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