The Writers

Ben Atkins

When Ben was 15, the Lord saved his life. Ever since, God has been growing in him a passion to equip the Church to reach the broken. He cares a lot about honesty and love, and feels more at home in a club than a church building.

Ben's songs include: You are a refuge (Arms)

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Gavin Ball

Gavin is one of the team of worship leaders from Fishponds Baptist church in Bristol. He has been attending there since he was 11 and has been leading worship/writing songs there for about 10 years. He is married to Jo and they have 2 lively boys. He also works as a Call Coach for the insurance company Sun Life Direct.

Gavin's songs include: Sing to God and Miracle Child

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Jo Doré

Jo is the Associate Worship Pastor at St Barnabas Church, Woodside Park London. She & her husband & two sons have been part of the St.B’s church family for many years. Alongside leading worship in her home church, Jo travels to other churches & conferences in the UK, both leading worship and in a training capacity. She has been writing songs for a number of years and prior to joining Resound put a few down on CD. Her writing journey brought her to the point of wanting to write with others which is why she is glad to be part of the Resound team.

Jo's songs include: Redeeming Love

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Chris Gasson

Chris completed his postgraduate studies in performance at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2002, and spent a number of years working as a freelance trumpet player and teacher in the Midlands.  In 2006, he began as Worship Director at St James and Emmanuel, Didsbury, continuing to teach, perform, and work as an examiner for Trinity Guildhall. He was part of the group up to 2008.

Chris's songs include: Crucified and Walking in your freedom

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Judy Gresham

Judy is on the leadership team for music and worship at Gold Hill Baptist Church in South Bucks, where she has been leading worship and writing songs for a number of years.  Formerly having trained and practised as a solicitor,  she began writing songs during a career break which lasted somewhat longer than originally planned.  Judy now divides her time between family and church commitments, piano teaching, and working part time in a local primary school.

Judy's songs include: High in the heavens, Lamb of God and Father your love

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Sam Hargreaves

Sam and his wife Sara run, a new expression of the Music and Worship Foundation, equipping local churches for innovative, creative worship. They completed the London School of Theology degree in Theology, Music and Worship, and Sam now teaches part time on the course.  He now lives in Luton and volunteers in the worship team at Stopsley Baptist.  He has led musical and creative worship at events like Spring Harvest, New Wine North, Greenbelt and the Baptist Assembly.

Sam's songs include: Jesus lead us to the Father, Come you thankful people and May the Lord bless you

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Adam Howard

Adam is a worship leader and bass player from Wales. He has worked as a music teacher and now works in a AV installation company.  He was part of the group up to 2009.

Adam's songs include: All I am I lay it down and Every nation

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Andy Irons

Andy lives in Cambridge with his family, and has been there since 2001. They attend St Barnabas Church where he is Worship Coordinator.

He has been writing songs since aged 14. Over the last few yeas he has honed and improved his skills being greatly encouraged by the congregation at St Barnabas.

Andy's songs include: Wonderful Counsellor, Who knows (God knows) and Father forgive us

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Kieran Metcalfe

Kieran is a worship leader at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church. While he currently does freelance graphic design for Christian groups (working as Ascent Creative), he studied originally for a degree in Christian Ministry. In his spare time (when not glued to a computer or a guitar) he is a keen reader and enthusiastic cook.

Kieran's songs include: More than gold, Holy holy holy Lord and Before the first (So glorious)

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Matt Osgood

Matt has worked as a worship pastor for different churches for 8 years, and is currently based in West London. He is the proud dad of two lovely children and hopes one day to run a marathon, though considerably slower than Joel.  

Matt's songs include: On Christmas Day, All I have and On the darkest day of all

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Joel Payne

Joel's last proper job was as the Minister for Worship and Prayer at St James Church in Muswell Hill, having previously worked at St Michael le Belfrey in York. Since then he has taken a bit of a career break, spending some time with his wife Rhiannon as missionaries in Peru, completing an MA London School of Theology, and now working part-time for Christian Aid learning all about international development work. In his spare time he loves reading, writing, running and roast chicken.

Joel's songs include: What kind of throne, Come see the Son and There is a love

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Chris Pearse

Chris trained as an actor and spent a few years treading the boards before joining the team at St James, Muswell Hill as Worship Minister in 2010. He has been writing songs since his early teens but has recently, especially with his current role at St James, been focusing on writing songs for congregations to sing and is delighted to be part of, and learning so much from, the Resound song writing team. He has recently been accepted for ‘vicar school’ and so will be spending the next couple of years training for ordained ministry. He is married to the lovely Trine and they have a lovely little daughter called Gracie.  He also has a big love for the creative arts and for football.

Chris's songs include: Hallelujah Christ is risen

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