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It's ok with me!

Live Album Recording

We're recording our first live worship album on 25 May!


This is an exciting opporunity for us. Over the last twelve years our catalogue and subscriber base has been steadily growing, with new people discovering our songs almost every day. But those newcomers don't necessarily get hold of some of the best material from a few years ago - songs that many of you love but aren't showcased to the standard we've now reached.

This live recording is an attempt to plug that gap, by getting out of the studio and into church to record and film the songs. There will be a bit of reimagination, bring one or two of the songs up-to-date, as well as the best of our as-yet unreleased material.

We'll also be filming the day and releasing the individual songs on video platforms like YouTube. When we first launched Resound Worship, YouTube, Spotify and others were in their infancy, if even established at all. People were happy to come to us and browse our songs and download material. But the scene has changed. People expect to find everything in one place. And it's hard to be heard if you're not also seen these days. For us, the best way to achieve this is to showcase the songs visually in a live worship context, in a church, with a congregation. Just like we do on Sundays!


We need you to come!

We're hoping to gather a congregation of around 250 to fill Emmanuel Church and feature on the recording and videos. We hope the day will be full of additional benefits to you where along with the experience of singing together with excellent musicians and enthusiastic worshippers you'll also learn songs you can take back to your congregations and feel re-energised for your own local church ministry. There will also be some input from our friends at Engage Worship.

It will be free to attend, with donations welcome on the day, and run 10.30am - 5.00pm (doors open, registration and refreshments from 10.00am). We'll learn the songs together, hear some of the stories of how they were written and what inspired them, and then record them in a worship context. 

If you register in advance we'll also email you demos of the songs so that you can arrive fully prepared.

We can't do it without you. 

Come on your own or bring a group from your church. Register now!


Contribute to our crowdfunding

We're inviting you to make an advance purchase of the album, or claim a whole variety of rewards, as we look to raise £12,500 by Wednesday 15 May. Help us reach our goal! 

Emmanuel Church, Loughborough

Emmanuel Church in Loughborough makes the perfect venue. As well as being Joel's home church it is also bang in the middle of country, just off the M1 with big car park, and within walking distance ofthe train station. It's also a bright, airy church that's well equipped and great for an early-summer worship gathering like this. We're incredibly grateful to Emmanuel, one of our Partner Churches, for hosting and supporting this event.



"I honestly don’t know of a group of musicians more dedicated to musical excellence and theological formation that write accessible songs for local congregations! I can’t wait for the new live album from Resound!!!" Jeremy Perigo, Head of Music & Worship Programmes, London School of Theology


"I am delighted that Emmanuel are able to host and support Resound Worship's first live worship album recording. I am very supportive of Resoundss commitment to writing excellent songs that can be used by different sizes of church in different contexts." Michael Broadley, Rector, Emmanuel Loughborough