It's ok with me!

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It's ok with me!

Are you a songwriter, writing worship songs for your church? Or testing the water in a new creative calling? Want to take on a challenge, develop your skills, maybe even create something wonderful? Then join us in the 12 Song Challenge, running from September 2018 to August 2019.

Every month we'll present a new challenge on our podcast. A theme, a style, a Bible passage etc. Something to stimulate songwriting. We'll also flag it up on facebook, twitter and in our email newsletters. Together, we'll take it on and see what happens. You'll be able to share your attempts (rough recordings will do) with the rest of the 12 Songs Community and get feedback. And you can discuss your experiences on our facebook wall, tweet us, etc.

We'll reflect and share on the podcast each month. And we won't put any pressure on ourselves or you to finish anything, or achieve perfection. We'll just commit to having a go every month. Between us we'll create hundreds of new songs... and, you never know, some might just be special.

How do I join in?

a) Drop us a line saying you want to take part. We'll add you to a list to receive a new challenge each month. Don't worry if you've missed some, just pick it up from where you are.

b) Follow the podcast to hear how it's going for everyone, and for more explanation of the different processes and techniques.

c) Join the dedicated 12 Songs Community online, ready to share, critique and encourage. We'll send you details when you register your interest. (NB it's all new for this year so old forum details won't work)

To register, just fill in the form below.



The Challenges

September 2018: Intercession Songs
October 2018: Eco Songs
November 2018: One-verse Wonders
December 2018: Songs for the Christmas Gaps
January 2019: tba
February 2019: tba
March 2019: tba
April 2019: tba
May 2019: tba
June 2019: tba
July 2019: tba
August 2019: tba