It's ok with me!

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It's ok with me!

Are you a songwriter, writing worship songs for your church?
Maybe you're trying out a new creative calling?

Do you want to take on a challenge, develop your skills - even create something wonderful - together with a generous and inspiring community of writers? 

Then join us in the 12 Song Challenge 2022-23, beginning on 1 September 2022. 

Resound Worship's 12 Song Challenge is an international community of songwriters, working together to grow in their creative gifts and serve their local church. 

"Where else in the world would I be able to access such a diverse, supportive community? Thank you all so much for your support this last 12 months." David, UK

How does it work?

Every month, beginning in September 2022, we'll present a new challenge on our podcast. Maybe a theme, a style or a Bible passage. Something to stimulate songwriting. We'll also flag it up in our active Facebook group, in our email newsletters, and in the 12 Song Challenge area of our website.

Then, we'll each take it on and see what happens. You'll be able to share your attempts with the rest of the 12 Song Challenge Community and get feedback and encouragement through our online forum.

Each month we'll reflect and share on the Resound Worship Songwriting Podcast, usually picking out a handful of songs from the community to feature as well as sometimes sharing our own attempts. That's right, we're in this with you. Add to that interviews and features on the different themes and you've got episodes packed with content.

This bit is important: we won't put any pressure on ourselves or you to finish anything, or achieve perfection. We'll just commit to having a go every month.

Between us we'll create literally thousands of new songs. What a gift to the church. And, you never know, some might just be special!


"The 12 Song Challenge has given me the confidence to try songwriting and to grow in confidence. The friendly constructive criticism offered by participants and the Resound team is what makes this special. It is a unique fellowship experience to be able to listen to others tackling the same themes and subjects and, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, everyone has something to contribute. It’s a lot of fun too!" Stephen, UK

"I know that the goal is to write songs for the church, and sharpen ourselves as songwriters and encourage one another, but can I honestly say that one of the greatest fruit of this group is how the Lord has grown my ability to love other songwriters, artists, and congregation. Reading all of your styles of encouragement, thoughtful responses, theological points, and melodic nudging toward glory has really shaped my heart as a songwriter and music minister." Elise, US


What else can I expect? 

  • regular online writing days 
  • an end of year online concert 
  • opportunities to attend residential writing retreats and day gatherings
  • access to an interactive forum to share songs and hone songs
  • membership of our thriving songwriters' Facebook group

We try not to have too many rules in this Challenge, it is a relaxed, organic thing. But there is one important very important rule: 

Songs are shared safely and ideas are offered freely. This is the way we always do things at Resound. You post a song, it remains yours. Someone offers you an idea, or a suggestion - it remains your song. You do the same for others, and we’re all freely contributing to make these the best songs they can be. 

"The 12 Song Challenge has been one of the greatest joys of this year and I'm grateful to have new friends and family in Christ who spur each other along to write more songs for God's glory." Eric, US



12 Song Challenge Yearbook

We've discovered from experience that it can be difficult to keep going for the full twelve months. However full of good intentions you are, there's usually a period where you begin to flag. So we have an added incentive, an exclusive memento for everyone who completes the challenge with a 100% record. A beautifully designed and printed 12 Song Challenge Yearbook, featuring one song from every finisher will be on its way to you.

To gain your 100% record all you have to do is 

  • write and post one new song every month 
  • and contribute some constructive feedback to at least three other writers every month

It really is as easy as that.

Mockup - it will look roughly like this, and will likely contain in excess of 100 of the best songs written in the challenge.


"Having spent years writing performance based songs in my own little bubble, I found the 12 Song challenge invaluable for developing songwriting for a congregation. Each challenge pushed me outside my normal songwriting comfort zone and the community always had helpful and uplifting things to say about each song. I also found the focus to get a song written every month really helped me to knuckle down and spend time with my Bible at my instrument, which has been amazing just from a personal devotional perspective!" Olwen, UK

The 12 Song Challenge has grown every time we have run it.

Literally thousands of new songs have been birthed. New friendships extending to the four corners of the world have been formed. The writing community have cajoled, critiqued and comforted each other. Songs have crossed continents to be sung in churches in the most unlikely places. 

And so many of us have grown as songwriters and in our commitment to Jesus Christ.


How do I join?

To register for the Challenge, there is a fee of £39 for the full year*, or £3.99 per month**. 

Upon registration and payment of the fee, you will:

  • gain access to the 12 Song Challenge area of our website with news, instructions, videos and more
  • join our 12 Song Challenge email list to receive updates, instructions and news throughout the year
  • be invited to join our online song-sharing and feedback forum
  • be invited to our 12 Song Challenge Facebook group
  • receive a 12SC Yearbook at the end of the 12 months (if you have been successful in completing the challenge)

Resound Worship is a ministry of the Song & Hymn Writers Foundation. As a charitable organisation, we are committed to making our activities affordable to those on low incomes. We've tried to keep the costs as low as possible for everyone, but there is an option to register for the full year at the much-reduced price of £10, for those who need it. 

* The annual registration fee is fully refundable if you choose to cancel before 7 October 2022, or within 50 days of signing up, whichever is later. 
** The monthly registration can be cancelled at any time and you will retain your membership until the date your next payment would be due. For sign-ups before the challenge begins, no payment will be taken until 1 September.

The Challenge begins on 1 SEPTMBER 2022...

Christmas Concert over Zoom 2020 (one of several screens)

"I'd never written a proper worship song before this challenge and I've now introduced two to my church and a few more to come I hope." Phil, UK

"Thank you for the hard work you put in to make this such a success. The podcasts have blessed & encouraged. Everyone's willingness to collaborate and comment has been overwhelming." Ian, UK