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About Resound Worship

Resound Worship is a collective of British worship songwriters, established in 2006, seeking to resource the church with songs that engage heart, mind and soul. Songs we love to sing, that deeply feed us. These songs are birthed in the local church and then refined by a process of collaboration and peer critique through our songwriting groups, before they are shared more widely on our website.

Our desire is to share these songs as widely as possible, so we offer many of our resources completely free. But there is a small charge for some of those resources that take more time to produce, which also helps to cover our general costs.

We aim to publish songs that are:

Songs that know what they are about, that make sense, that say something to or about God and our response to him. Songs that reflect the breadth of the biblical witness and are theologically robust, without being dry or overly wordy.

Songs that reflect the reality of being human, the range of emotions and experience, and the many shapes and sizes of those who worship in our congregations. Songs that can proclaim foundational truth while embracing tension and struggle.

Songs with engaging and singable melodies that serve the lyrics and stay within a realistic vocal range. Songs that avoid jargon and outdated or exclusive language, that don’t impose universal emotions on worshippers.

Songs that have been allowed time to grow, that have been honed through trial, critique and revision. Songs that have not been rushed, that are as good as they can be, that don’t settle for ‘nearly there’.

Supporting the local church songwriter

We believe that the local church songwriter has a unique and important role in every congregation. They are able to contribute to the worship vocabulary of their own fellowship in a way that no outside source can do. Their understanding of the life, learning and limitations of their church family allows them to contribute, alongside the broader worldwide corpus of hymn and song writing, to a rich and real expression of worship.

But we also know that many local church songwriters plough a lone furrow and receive little by way of training, encouragement and feedback. We're seeking to address that by developing a portfolio of courses, retreats and networks, to connect songwriters and invest in their development. This currently includes:

Resound Worship Songwriting Podcast - twice a month, including song analysis, workshops on technique and interviews with songwriters, musicians, pastors and theologians

Songwriter Training Days - local church one-day events including input and a introduction to feedback and critique groups in the Resound Worship model. Particularly aimed at establishing songwriting groups in local areas.

12 Song Challenge/Song Cycle - a year-long songwriting challenge for a worldwide network of writers, aiming to increase skill, creativity and productivity while building fellowship in an online network

Worship Songwriting Retreat - a four-day retreat for worship songwriters in June/July, with teaching, critique groups, writing time and one-on-one sessions.


We hope very much you find our material useful and hope that you will use it in your church and other contexts. Though we make many of our resources available for free, we do ask that you include usage in your annual CCLI returns. Or if you are not signed up with a CCLI licence you need to contact our publisher Jubilate Hymns for permission to use individual songs.


If you would like to feedback to us about a song you have used, or have any more comments or questions about the site or our wider ministry, we would love to hear from you.

Resound Worship is a project of the Song & Hymn Writers Foundation, a new charity setup to exercise, model and promote excellence in the writing of songs and hymns for worship. If you would like to support the work of Resound you can do so by donating to the umbrella foundation which we share with our sister site, Jubilate.