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These songs are designed for singing in December - that month where some churches hold a hard 'advent' line until the last minute, and others blur the two themes together because they can't wait to get on to the Christmas celebrations. They are written as congregational songs, and we involved the gathered singers at the Worship Songwriter Retreat to give that sound, but could also bring something fresh as a performance piece in the multitude of services during the festive season.  

Do Not Be Afraid is a Taizé-style meditation on God's repeated refrain throughout the Bible 'Do not be afraid', with a contemporay twist. Arranged in four parts it reassures those in advent-waiting that though they wait, God is still with them.

The Stillness Of The Night is a Townend-style contemporary hymn with rich theological themes, an accessible melody, and a beautiful angelic refrain that could even be used independently

The Kindness And The Love is inspired by a verse in Titus 3 'when the kindness and the love of God our saviour appeared' marrying it with a breezy celtic style while exploring other key Christmas-texts

All The Earth Was Waiting is a stripped-down, piano-led ballad with soaring melodies and shades of 90s rock and britpop performed by two voices.

The Songs

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