It's ok with me!

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It's ok with me!

Over the past few years we have increasingly included lyric or live videos with our new releases. We're aware how useful those videos could be right now while churches are unable to meet. And how it would be even more useful to have your own copies of the videos so that you can include them in your own streams. So we're bundled them up for you, with a few different options.

If it's individual videos you're after, just head to the song pages where, if they're available, you can find them among the other resources. 

Intro Bundle 2

Includes 10 songs selected for the current world crisis and Eastertide.

Christ was raised by Sam Hargreaves

Oh sisters and brothers by Joel Payne

O Faithful lord by Mark Bradford

There’s a time for tears by Sam Hargreaves

When God's perfect plans by Andy Clark

Faithful God (Hear our prayer) by Marcus Pagnam

God our Father (Let your kingdom come) by Sam Hargreaves

High in the heavens by Judy Gresham

The God who laid the earths foundations (He is here) by Lesley Kennedy & Andy Clark

Living bread by Jo Doré, Judy Gresham, Carey & Geraldine Luce

NB this replaces the previous Intro Bundle which was available until 13 April 2020

Complete Bundle

This rather large bundle includes every lyric & live video currently on our website (99 videos, normally £3.99 each). Don't worry, you don't have to download them all at once.

If you are contemplating the Complete Bundle, you may consider opting for an Annual Pass. For £44.99 you get access to every single chart, score, recording and video on the Resound Worship website for an entire year, including everything new we release during that year.

Purchase of videos includes a license to use them in public worship, including online.

Upon completion of purchase, the videos will be available to download from the relevant song pages or by clicking 'View Account' followed by 'Purchases'. The bundle includes only those videos available at the time of purchase.


All our video or audio files come with the additional permissions required to include them in your online services under the CCLI or OneLicense streaming licences, on whatever platform.

For more on copyright, streaming and licences, check out the blog by our Agency Manager which sets out how it all works.

We do not currently make copyright claims on YouTube or Facebook videos, so you should be able to use our songs without triggering their algorithms and shutting down your feed.