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It's ok with me!

All I am I lay it down

Added 2nd October 2008


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All I am, I lay it down,
for you, my God and friend;
take my life into your hands
- here I am to send.
Search my heart, and you will find
willingness to serve,
for your cross has covered me
with grace I don’t deserve.

O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.
O Lord, lead me on.

This is simply a song of dedication. It started out as an alternative to songs such as Jesus, All for Jesus and was written during a time of worship, touching on the idea of God searching us and knowing our hearts, then leading us into the future he has for us. The basis of the song has not changed dramatically from the first time I played it during worship, so hopefully maintains the intimacy of the song. I hope this song serves you well.

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