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It's ok with me!

Come you thankful people

Added 5th May 2009


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1.Come you thankful people come,
to praise the one true God;
come as many, come as one,
to praise the one true God.
We've travelled here down many ways,
to praise the one true God,
and all of us have parts to play,
to praise the one true God.
So we sing:

Father, Spirit, Son,
you are God, one true God.
We praise you here as one,
you are God,
one true God.

2.Bring your laughter, raise your voice,
to praise the one true God;
we will make a joyful noise,
to praise the one true God.
Come in sadness, come in pain,
to praise the one true God;
be yourself with us today,
to praise the one true God.
So we sing:

3.Many shapes and sizes come,
to praise the one true God;
we join together old and young,
to praise the one true God.
So bring your gifts and I'll bring mine,
to praise the one true God;
through our differences we'll shine,
to praise the one true God.
So we sing:

This was written specifically to help people of all ages, backgrounds and emotional states feel welcomed into worship. Its simple repeated refrain is something even the youngest children can pick up on, and it intentionally includes those who are coming to worship in sadness or pain. It also picks up on the trinitarian theme, that just as God is both three and one, so we come as many but also as one. We have started many services with it and it always seems to raise voices and smiles! It has been checked and endorsed by childrens/All Age worship experts BIG Ministries.

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Brilliant Nuff said!
peter gardner at 15:18 on 30th September 2015
Brilliant Nuff said!
peter gardner at 15:18 on 30th September 2015
Still as a good as ever , Sam . Used this to kick off our all age harvest service last Sunday morning .
Judy Gresham at 10:07 on 15th October 2014
Loved this one and I'm sure our worship team will too
Marion Ryan at 15:00 on 3rd September 2014
We used this song for our Thanksgiving service last Sunday and it went over very well with our congregation. Great text with a singable uplifting melody and medium rock tempo. Great song to start worship. We started with an up tempo version of the Doxology (old hundredth) and then used it to lead into this song. Thanks for writing it!
James Kotora at 19:38 on 26th November 2013
I am looking forward to using this tomorrow! Thanks for a great song Sam!
kate Eaglestone at 13:28 on 5th October 2013
I liked this one a lot really gets the spirit of our praise to God
david smart at 14:29 on 17th March 2013
We were singing this yesterday with a couple of hundred theological students! It's the sign of a genuine all-age song when you can sing it with no children present and it still seems appropriate and meaningful. Good work Sam.
Joel Payne at 02:10 on 29th September 2011
We have used this song in our all-age worship. Excellent lyrics, good music, easy to sing. Brings everyone in to worship.
Brian Scott at 01:02 on 20th September 2011
Yep - it's on our All Age repertoire. Works really well and encourages people to get involved
Simon Bray at 08:13 on 19th September 2011
I agree totally - we've used this frequently at our Messy Church services.
Kieran Metcalfe at 04:35 on 16th August 2011
Great song for services that bring together different generations.
at 10:17 on 15th August 2011