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High in the heavens

Added 13th May 2008


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High in the heavens, exalted,
name above all other names,
Lord over all of creation,
worthy of power and praise.
Blessing and honour and glory
are his eternal reward;
let every knee bow before him
and every tongue say he is Lord.

Jesus, you are exalted and glorified.
Jesus, name above all names, we’ll lift you high.

Clothed in the splendour of heaven,
Jesus, eternally God,
emptied yourself, came as nothing,
choosing the road to the cross.
Lord, you were found in our likeness,
shedding your glory to serve;
humble, not claiming advantage,
you laid down your life for the world.

Let us be found in your likeness,
learning to serve as you served,
filled with your Spirit, your fullness,
the fragrance of grace on the earth.
You love the heart that is humble,
you desire worship that’s true;
voices that sing for your glory
and lives that bring honour to you.

Saviour, all of creation will bow in awe.
Jesus, from every nation we’ll call you Lord,
to the glory of God. (repeat)

Bible Passages: Phil 2:5-11

The incarnation is such a mind-blowing and humbling truth – that the Son of God should give up his place of honour with the Father to become God’s servant on earth – all to rescue us. What amazing love that he would lay aside his glory and status and instead choose the road to the cross, suffering for our sake. Jesus, in displaying such humility, glorified God and lifted others up, and these verses from Philippians 2 encourage us to have the same servant attitude as Christ in our lives. because of this supreme humility God has exalted Jesus to the highest place, deserving of all worship, honour and praise.

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