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It's ok with me!

Take my life

Added 12th January 2015


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Take my life and let it be
dedicated to your praise,
Lord I freely give to you
every moment of my days.

Take my hands to show your love
for the broken and the lost
guide my feet to follow Christ
in the shadow of the cross.

Take my voice and let me sing,
always only for my King.
Take my lips and may they always
bring you praise

I’m all yours,
I’m all yours, my Lord
all I am, every part.
I’m all yours,
I’m all yours, my Lord
take my life,
take my heart.

Take the things that I possess
I surrender all I own.
Lord, I give my every thought
to be ruled by Christ alone

For years I have loved the raw passion and unconditional commitment of the traditional hymn "Take my life", but have struggled to make it work musically alongside more contemporary songs. The first attempt I made to rework the lyrics into a modern format was about fifteen years ago! I hope this most recent attempt keeps the original sentiment of the hymn alive, while giving it a new lease of life in different contexts. 

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Beautiful song I was blessed. May God's blessing continue on your music and in your life His anointing I pray for you. In Christ alone, Teresa
Teresa Sczesniak at 00:56 on 18th November 2015
Beautiful song I was blessed. May God's blessing continue on your music and in your life His anointing I pray for you. In Christ alone, Teresa
Teresa Sczesniak at 00:55 on 18th November 2015
Very inspiring! Thank you.God bless,
Dili Chanmugam at 19:39 on 14th September 2015
Beautiful, thank you.
Trevor Poulter at 14:39 on 4th June 2015
Beautiful song thank you
Bob Westwood at 05:45 on 21st April 2015
very nice song brother... May God use you in each and every way He can. God bless you. <3
DickCheny Baidya at 09:11 on 31st March 2015
Really nice! We are also using this for a confirmation service. Brief suggestion: lead sheet and piano score lack a time signature...
Paul Findlay at 10:08 on 22nd January 2015
thank you for this song. I look forward to using in worship - more than likely this Sunday! The Lord bless you in all your endeavors!
Christopher Saraga at 13:54 on 14th January 2015
matt, how beautiful. we chose this as one of our wedding songs 35 years back - wish your version had been around then! Debs &
dave x
Debra La Bouchardiere at 13:12 on 14th January 2015
Fantastic man. Well done. I'm having our worship group learn it to sing during next weeks Eucharist where the Bish will confirm twelve people and commission 10 lay ministers in our church. Perfect timing, perfect song, perfect God. Thank you Matt.

Dennis Bailey at 20:43 on 13th January 2015
Thank you for this absolute gift! This is my favourite song from resound worship since 'On Christmas Day.'
michael rutherford at 08:21 on 13th January 2015
This is a very moving and contemporary interpretation of that wonderful old hymn. Well done Matt!
Jane Gowing at 07:51 on 13th January 2015
Beautiful song, Matt. Love the original and love this.
Beth Ellershaw at 13:53 on 12th January 2015