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There's a time for tears

Added 25th February 2020


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There’s a time for tears, and a time for pain,
time to hurt while the grief remains.
There’s a time when peace seems so far away,
yet still God holds us on that day.

There’s a time to weep from the ache inside,
time to show what we’ve tried to hide,
There’s a time to doubt and to wonder why,
and hold each other as we cry.

God of comfort, God of the cross,
joining us here to weep,
stand beside us, grieving our loss,
and be for us the hope of peace.

There is time to smile at the memories,
time for thanks as we meet to grieve.
It takes time to heal, so we pause today
to mourn, remember and to pray.

Often in Christian worship it seems that we only allow the “lighter” emotions. Grief, sorrow and pain can be pushed aside. But in the Bible we see the psalmists being honest before God, Jesus weeping at a graveside, and hear him say “Blessed are those who mourn”. This song gives space for worshippers to know that there is a time for tears and honesty before God. It may be useful at a funeral, or another time of tragedy or mourning.

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