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To the broken (What is he to you?)

Added 29th November 2013


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To the broken he is healing,
to the worried he is peace,
to the fallen he is grace though undeserved.

To the mourning he is comfort,
to the lonely he is love,
to the weary he is strength when no strength comes.

To me, he is everything,
to me, he is my all;
to me, he is my life.
What is he to you?
What is he to you?

To the captive he is freedom,
to the lost he is the way,
to the downcast he is joy that fills the heart.

To the waiting he is patience,
to the weak he is such power,
to the hopeless he is hope that never fades.

Themes: Jesus, Faith

In 2013, we partnered with several other organisations in the 'Crossing Songs' songwriting competition. Rebekah's song, with its thoughtul words and challenge to the undecided, was the winning entry in the 'Best New Song for a Missional Context' category. We're delighted to share it with you! Find out more about Rebekah's songs at Voice Music, and if you want your own copy of the track, it's available on iTunes.

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