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We Are the Tenants of the King

Added 21st August 2020


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We are the tenants of the King,
we are the workers in his garden,
so we will live and love and care
for this the planet that we share.

We bear the image of our God
and we are sharing in his mission,
so we will follow as we serve,
to see the healing of the Earth.

As we wait for the dawning of the day
when the King is coming,
we will live for his glory
and his praise.

For in the victory of the cross
we have a hope of restoration,
all things together under Christ,
a world of flourishing and life.

So fill us up and lead us on
to see the coming of your kingdom,
and we will labour as we sing
for we’re the tenants of the King.

This song was inspired by the title of a collection of Bible studies from Operation Noah: Tenants of the King. The title grabbed me instantly, with it's natural rhythm, and I was humming a tune within seconds. Other metaphors were springing to mind and I could see the how song would map out. To my surprise, I found myself heading down a Motown route as I developed the song - something about the cadences of the title just dictated it. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I decided to go with it, and I'm so thankful to Silla Mosley who made it come to life with her vocals and to Mark Edwards who sprinkled it with keyboard magic. But,behind all that, it is a pretty simple song, with a very singable range of about 6 notes. You don't need all the fancy stuff (but you should probably give the gospel ad libs a go...)

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