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It's ok with me!

Wonderful Counsellor

Added 2nd November 2010


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Mighty God,
Prince of Peace.

Awesome and wonderful,
Jesus our Counsellor,
you are Almighty God,
Prince of Peace.

Jesus Christ,
God with us,
Prince of Peace.

Bible Passages: Isa 9:6; Isa 7:14; Matt 1:23

This song is based on one of the most well known Christmas bible readings, where Isaiah prophesies the coming of Jesus. It's a simple 3-part harmony, with each part layering on top of the last building to a crescendo of praise. Lyrically also, each part builds on the previous one, bringing our focus in more and more onto Jesus. I hope you will find this a valuable addition to your personal and gathered worship, both at Christmas and throughout the year.

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