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It's ok with me!

You are a refuge (Arms)

Added 13th September 2011


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You are a refuge for the weak,
an ear to those too crushed to speak.
You promise rest for weary feet,
God you care.

You carry those who carry pain,
bring bursting life to desert plains,
give dancing hearts to those in chains,
God you care.

You have arms that reach the lost and the lonely,
a heart that loves those with no love at all;
hands to heal the hurt and the hungry.
You are the God who cares.

You stand with those who stand alone;
A shelter for those without a home.
every tear that falls you know,
God you care.

You have lavished us
with your love so we must love.

Give us arms to reach the lost and the lonely,
hearts to love those with no love at all;
hands to heal the hurt and the hungry.
You are the God who cares.

God cares. Surrounded by tragedy from the cradle to the grave, this world needs to hear the message of real and lasting hope that the Lord has given us. Things are broken, yes - but the Lord makes whole. We need to grasp this for ourselves, and take hold of the responsibility that he's given us to let the world know.

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nice. like the guitar work especially
Ian Garrott at 16:00 on 13th January 2014
great song it bless my heart
phillip james at 18:17 on 8th January 2014
Great song. I liked it and was singing along with it straight away.
Good lyrics with some substance.
geoff boland at 02:54 on 4th September 2012
Just melted listening to this.
Ben thanks for a song full of grace and hope.
David Wallace at 15:16 on 22nd June 2012
just love he words - great stuff
Laura Dun at 08:19 on 22nd March 2012
Cried on the first hearing. This one is a winner. It will find its way into my next preaching opportunity.
Laurie McHugh at 16:24 on 3rd January 2012
Hit the spot for me today, thank you very much.
Trevor Poulter at 09:38 on 2nd October 2011
Paul Howes at 16:18 on 28th September 2011
Beautifully written --- powerful, uplifting message. Thank you!
AnneMarie Meyerhoffer at 10:20 on 20th September 2011
At a time when we need to reach out, the last verse is very apt, great song.
Terry Goble at 01:09 on 20th September 2011
awesome indeed. To God be the glory. The God who cares for his people and has lavished us with his love.
Emmy Shawa at 14:00 on 19th September 2011
This is a great song!

I love the lines: "bring bursting life to desert plains, give dancing hearts to those in chains..."


Alex Boxall at 04:42 on 19th September 2011
awesome stuff, this is a really powerful song.
Gavin Ball at 12:49 on 16th September 2011