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It's ok with me!

You who fear the Lord

Added 8th August 2016


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You who fear the Lord,
do not be afraid,
God will comfort you
and lift you up.
You who wait for God,
do not be dismayed,
God, who hears your prayers,
will answer you.

The Sun will rise, will rise
with healing in his wings.

You who long for rest
in the day of test,
you will be restored
to live again.
You who sit alone
in the dark of night,
look towards the dawn:
our God will come.

Bible Passages: Mal 4:2
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Oh my goodness. NO. The words and the music are just right. Simple and easy. Two melodies around profound words. This song has carried me through a dark week. a dark weak even. I used it last night in church. Very powerful. There is something God imbued in the tune and the words. One balances the other. Thanks writers. A really soulful God song. Mary x
Mary Smail at 08:19 on 29th August 2016
Words are good, but sadly the tune doesn't compliment them. These type of tunes are difficult for congregational singing.
Michaela Pohl at 03:17 on 10th August 2016
And Geraldine's beautiful voice !

Jeanette Payne at 09:01 on 9th August 2016
Lovely to hear the background voices in combined worship.inspiring!thank you.
Jeanette Payne at 09:00 on 9th August 2016