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It's ok with me!

Advent & Christmas Video Bundle

A bundle of lyric videos for 21 songs on themes of Advent & Christmas.

Where used with a CCLI or OneLicense streaming licence, these videos include permission for use in online worship via any platform. To purchase invidivual videos, tracks, charts and scores, click the song titles and visit the song pages.

Advent Songs

Do not be afraid by Matt Weeks
Take Heart by Keiko Ying
Lift Up Your Eyes by Judy Gresham

Christmas Songs

The Stillness Of The Night by Andrew Finden
All the Earth was Waiting by Andy Clark & Elise Massa
The Kindness and the Love by Joel Payne & Matt Weeks
Jesus is With Us by Chris Juby
Sweet Sounds of Heaven (Christ is Born) by Joel Payne & Matt Weeks
Come and See the Saviour by Marcus Pagnam

From the 'Christmas Songs' album:
In the beginning by Joel Payne
Listen to the sound by Joel Payne
Praise the God of grace and glory by Judy Gresham
Miracle child by Gavin Ball
See the star by Matt Osgood
What kind of throne by Joel Payne
You bring peace by Sam Hargreaves
Wonderful counsellor by Andy Irons
Searching for a baby by Sam Hargreaves
Ring out the bells by Judy Gresham
On Christmas day by Matt Osgood
We worship a wonderful Saviour by Joel Payne

Upon purchase, videos can be downloaded individually via the confirmation email, the song pages or tthe 'My Purchases' page on our website. Due to the size of the items and the infrastructure of our website, we're unable to offer a single bulk download.