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Lord you have searched me (Psalm 139) - new version

Back in 2007 when we launched our site, one of our first songs was Lord you have searched me (Psalm 139) by Joel Payne.

If we're honest, we never felt we got this one quite right. We presented it as a mid-tempo rock song, which certainly can work, but at its heart it's a gentle song that reflects on the knowledge, power and presence of God. That's the one you needed to hear. So we've rerecorded it, updated the charts and scores, and are delighted to present to you this brand new version! 

If you've already bought this song from us, you can simply go to your My Purchased Items page and download the new version for free. As always, lead sheets and chord charts are free to download for everyone.

Downloadable video for 'Look up to the Skies'

A couple of weeks ago we were promoting this all-age song from Judy Gresham, and now we have this wonderful animated lyric video, created by Kieran Metcalfe of Ascent Creative, available to download. Visit the song page for more details.


Comments and Tweets

New animated lyric video for 'Look up to the skies', one of our top all-age songs. http://t.co/UtfAdGCtDM
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 13:05 on 26th May
@realmattseymour singing backing vocals, on a gorgeous new track, with a free download? Lovely. http://t.co/IRDIJOMkqA
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 09:41 on 26th May
FREE download of the new version of 'Lord you have searched me (Psalm 139) by Joel Payne, until midnight BST. http://t.co/bHmKTbtk3a
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 09:30 on 26th May
Beautiful new version of Lord You Have Searched Me (Psalm 139) by Joel Payne. Perfect for Monday morning! http://t.co/bHmKTbtk3a
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 09:09 on 26th May
Just finishing off a brand new recording of 'Lord you have searched me' by Joel Payne. sounding beautiful!
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 11:01 on 23rd May

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