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Our newest song: Lord, you hear the cry (Lord, have mercy)

We're delighted to share with you our newest song, from our newest writer. Geraldine Latty is a name that will be familiar to many of you, and we're thrilled that Geraldine and her husband Carey have been getting involved with RESOUND over the last year or so. This song is extra-special to us because we recorded some of it at the National Worship Songwriters Day in September last year. That's about 50 people who all feel invested in it, and discovered what a great song it is to sing.

Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy) is a wonderful song of praise, prayer, hope and a cry for justice. And it sounds particularly good when everyone breaks into harmonies in the chorus! Geraldine writes:

"...the song is not simply an invocation or demand, but an expression, a cry that reminds us of God's nature, God's past promises; a cry that holds on to hope in what Resurrection Day has accomplished; a cry that is firmly rooted in the kingdom of God coming through us: mercy I receive, pouring out in loving."

As always, you can find piano score, choir score, lead sheet, chord chart, backing track and mp3 on the song page.

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New Geraldine Latty song: Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy). All the usual resources. (ps it's a beauty!)
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 22:30 on 28th January
Worship.Justice.Creativity. Combining worship and justice, for all creatives, to serve the local church. Lboro 25/4
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 14:50 on 28th January
Worship.Justice.Creativity. A day for songwriters, worship planners & ldrs, artists, prophets, children's ldrs. 25/4
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 11:30 on 28th January
RT @RESOUNDworship: Have you heard our new Geraldine Latty song? Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy). A much needed song!
Tweeted by theliturgylady at 11:06 on 28th January
Have you heard our new Geraldine Latty song? Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy). A much needed song!
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 10:30 on 28th January

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