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Christmas Songs Album

12 new Christmas worship songs, specially rearranged and rerecorded, made possible by our subscribers. Available on CD or download.

See also the Christmas Songs PDF music book
and the Christmas Concert Pack including exclusive choir+lead-vocal arrangements and much more.



Most popular songs

Our most popular songs vary from month to month, depending on the season and latest releases. But if you're looking for those with lasting appeal then this list of the most popular in CCLI reports is just what you need. To make things a bit clearer, we haven't included any of our popular Christmas or Advent songs in this list. (View Christmas & Advent songs)

Calls to Worship

Songs for the start of a service, to gather us together, to draw our eyes onto God and call our hearts to his praise.

Latest Podcast

Ep 23 - Interview Special: Brian Doerksen
Joel meets Canadian songwriter Brian Doerksen and they discuss his songwriting journey, the unusual beginnings of 'Refiner's Fire', the personal impact of writing a song like 'Faithful One', his work with the British Vineyard churches, the triangle of songwriting, the 'dance', liminality, prosody, the Psalms, God-given seeds and so much more. [Song clip: 'How long (Psalm 13)'; featured song: 'Safe (Psalm 20)' both from 'Songs for the Journey Vol 2' by the Shiyr Poets]