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New Song: Spirit of God

Spirit of God is the new song from husband and wife team, Carey Luce and Geraldine Latty. It's simple, and powerful with a haunting and evocative opening that culminates in an insistent cry to the Spirit. As with several of our songs, it's formed of three interlocking melodies that could be sung by a congregation or choir. With Pentecost approaching, it could be a perfect song to add to your repertoire, and then use again and again throughout the year!

On that same theme, we've put together two lists of songs that you might find useful in the coming season.

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit inspire again - the Spirit who cleanses, heals and empowers us
The Spirit of the Lord - the Spirit who leads us into the ministry of Jesus
Lord you have searched me - the Spirit whose presence is unescapable
Jesus you have called us - the Spirit who helps us to follow Jesus

Come you thankful people - All-age song drawing together our diversity to worship the unified God
We give glory (Awesome Trinity) - Song of praise to the Trinity; Father, Son & Spirit.
Jesus, lead us to the Father - Song of approach to God, through the persons of the Trinity
Holy, holy, holy Lord - ancient text of praise to the three-times holy God


Comments and Tweets

Great new song from Carey and Geraldine Luce on @RESOUNDworship - ideal to learn this now for Pentecost. http://t.co/Gw5K8MD0PD
Tweeted by LSTworship at 15:01 on 28th April
Great new song from Carey and Geraldine Luce on @RESOUNDworship - ideal to learn this now for Pentecost. http://t.co/CFnWbgnWT2
Tweeted by engageworship at 15:01 on 28th April
Does the Full Song Bundle have the drum part? I really liked this song. We only have 1 guitar, piano and a djembe in our group.
Posted by Pat Farra at 20:02 on 27th April
about "Spirit of God"
Loading up the car for 'Worship Justice Creativity'. Can't wait! Not too late to join us... http://t.co/TnCv6FzCSa
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 08:33 on 25th April
Wow Not often I find a song that moves me on first listening, but Wow.
Posted by Adrian McAinsh at 19:12 on 23rd April
about "Spirit of God"

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