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The 12 MonDays of Christmas - Week 3

It's week three of our Christmas countdown. Today we want to share with you the next track from our Christmas album, Listen to the Sound by Joel Payne. This track showcases the work of producers Dan & Matt Weeks in the best possible way. They've turned what was once a mid-tempo bluegrass feel intp something completely contemporary and radio-friendly, with a female-vocal-harmony-twist. You really should listen to this one!

As part of our 12 MonDays of Christmas event, this Monday we're offering a free piano score of 'Listen to the Sound' to anyone who retweets or shares our 'See the star' tweet or Facebook status within the first 24 hours.


We'll be releasing a video for each of the 12 tracks on the album, every Monday until Christmas. And each week we'll give you the opportunity to bag freebie .If you don't already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then now is the time to do so.

The full digital edition of Christmas Songs is available to download now. The CD is in production and will be available within 7 days, but you can pre-order it now.

Christmas Songs is the album that you have made possible through your generous support of our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to you, our subscribers, we have something very special that we're delighted to share with you!

Comments and Tweets

Hi Moses, the chord chart, lead sheet and lyric sheet are all free and can be downloaded above. There is a small cost for the mp3 (do check out the new album version) and other resources, as that helps us cover the cost involved in producing them. God bless Matt
Posted by Matt Osgood at 23:00 on 20th October
about "On Christmas Day"
#happylife 1: lunch with brill ladies who encouraged me to restart tweeting my happinesses. Great video from @RESOUNDworship, & fun @ Guides
Tweeted by MusicaIncognita at 22:23 on 20th October
@LSTheology grad @gemmawhitemusic singing on @RESOUNDworship track 'Listen to the Sound.'
Tweeted by LSTworship at 19:42 on 20th October
@RESOUNDworship loving the Christmas album, loving too the dance remix version of see the star. Thank you 😄
Tweeted by MusicaIncognita at 19:16 on 20th October
RT @RESOUNDworship: Next from Christmas Songs: Listen to the Sound. You MUST check this one out! (RT within 24hrs for free piano score) htt…
Tweeted by MusicaIncognita at 19:15 on 20th October

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