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Songs for Easter - from the cross to the resurrection

New song for Easter!

Our new song for Easter is by new Resound writer Chris Pearse. Hallelujah Christ is risen is a simple but powerful song of Easter praise, with three overlapping parts for the congregation to sing as they build to a crescendo. You can sing it as a round, divide into three parts, or sing the whole thing and then let people choose their favourite section. The best thing is that its so simple, you could easily introduce it this Sunday in the midst of your Easter worship.

Special Easter Choir Arrangements

Come see the Son is arranged by Noel Tredinnick, conductor of the All Souls Orchestra and Prom Praise. It's a simple arrangement, showing Noel's deft and easy touch with harmony, that would suit any choir.

Lamb of God comes with a specially reharmonized, choral style verse 2 from David Iliff, who has applied his vast experience as an editor, arranger and composer for Jubilate and the RSCM. 

Comments and Tweets

Aww this is lovely. Really nice. Thanks so much. Good Friday Depths and Love be with us all, Mary
Posted by Mary Smail at 09:47 on 18th April
about "Hallelujah Christ is risen"
Nice translation Alison - Great job. Hope your church enjoys singing it on Sunday!
Posted by Chris Pearse at 18:57 on 17th April
about "Hallelujah Christ is risen"
This is a beautiful song in its simple and yet so profound. We will be using it on Easter morning but as we work in a church in France I have had to translate the words, obviously sticking as close to the original as possible: Alléluia Christ est vivant Alléluia Christ est Roi Alléluia Christ est vivant Alléluia Christ est Roi Ressuscité ! Exalté ! Chantons, Christ est Roi ! Ressuscité ! Exalté ! Chantons, Christ est Roi ! Une Nouvelle vie, par Jésus Christ ! Mort, où est ta victoire ? O Christ est Roi ! Quelle espérance ! Le Christ vivant ! Mort, où est ta victoire ? O Christ est Roi ! Hallelujah Christ is alive Hallelujah Christ is King Risen! Exalted! Lets sing Christ is King! A new life through Jesus Christ. death where is your victory? Christ is King! New hope, the Chirst is alive! Death where is your victory? Christ is King! I feel this has got the essence of the song and I hope it meets with your approval. Alison Packer
Posted by alison packer at 09:08 on 17th April
about "Hallelujah Christ is risen"
awesome work chris, happy easter!
Posted by Gavin Ball at 18:00 on 16th April
about "Hallelujah Christ is risen"
The email has gone out. Our new song 'Hallelujah Christ is risen' is now available to the world at large!
Tweeted by RESOUNDworship at 19:13 on 15th April

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