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It's ok with me!

Are you a songwriter, writing worship songs for your church? Or testing the water in a new creative calling?

Want to take on a challenge, develop your skills, maybe even create something wonderful in community with other writers?

Then join us in the 12 Song Challenge 2020.


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Every month we'll present a new challenge on our podcast. Maybe a theme, a style or a Bible passage. Something to stimulate songwriting. We'll also flag it up on Facebook, Twitter and in our email newsletters.

Together, we'll take it on and see what happens. You'll be able to share your attempts (the roughest recordings will do) with the rest of the 12 Songs Community and get feedback and encouragement through our online forum.

"The 12 Song Challenge has given me the confidence to try songwriting and to grow in confidence. The friendly constructive criticism offered by participants and the Resound team is what makes this special. It is a unique fellowship experience to be able to listen to others tackling the same themes and subjects and, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, everyone has something to contribute. It’s a lot of fun too!" Stephen, UK


There's more.

We'll reflect and share on the Resound Worship Songwriting Podcast each month, usually picking out one or two songs from the community as well as sharing our own attempts.

That's right, we're in this with you.

And we won't put any pressure on ourselves or you to finish anything, or achieve perfection. We'll just commit to having a go every month.

Between us we'll create hundreds of new songs... and, you never know, some might just be special.

"I love the 12SC community! There is so much kindness and camaraderie, with a perfect balance of encouragement and challenge for anyone who wants to grow in their songwriting. I ended up writing some of my best songs during the last 12 Song Challenge, and I can't wait to dive in again!" Keiko, US

Now for the really exciting bit...

New for 2020: There will be an exclusive 12 Song Challenge Finishers memento for everyone who completes the challenge with a 100% record.

All you'll need to do to gain your 100% record is to write and post something every month, as well as contributing to at least one other writer's song. It is as easy as that - but perhaps not quite as easy as it sounds.

(Well, we think that's a really exciting bit)

"Having spent years writing performance based songs in my own little bubble, I found the 12 Song challenge invaluable for developing songwriting for a congregation. Each challenge pushed me outside my normal songwriting comfort zone and the community always had helpful and uplifting things to say about each song. I also found the focus to get a song written every month really helped me to knuckle down and spend time with my Bible at my instrument, which has been amazing just from a personal devotional perspective!" Olwen, UK

This wil be the third time we've run the 12 Song Challenge. Hundreds and hundreds of new songs have been birthed in this thing. Friends from either side of the Atlantic (though we're open to friends across the world!) have cajoled, critiqued and comforted each other. And so many of us have grown as songwriters.


a) Complete the form below to register for the 2020 12 Song Challenge.

b) You'll now be on the mailing list, so we can keep in touch, and we'll send you an invitation to the online community where all the song-sharing and discussion will take place.

c) Make sure you follow the monthly podcast to hear how it's going for everyone, and for more explanation of the different processes, techniques and themes.

d) Finally, we're encouraging everyone who registers to make a donation to our parent charity, the Song & Hymn Writers Foundation. This is partly to recognise and contribute towards our overall ministry but also to encourage you to feel committed right through the 12 months. You will still be very welcome if you're unable to do so and can opt out during the registration process. 

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