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The Partner Churches scheme is an invitation to participate in the ministry of Resound Worship

Fifteen years into our journey, having produced nearly 150 songs & four albums, and having contributed to the work of hundreds of songwriters through our workshops, retreats and podcast, we're seeking to build on the relationships we have built with churches around the world.

We believe that to work effectively for churches we need to work with churches.

A Parner Church is three-things-in-one:

  • a benefactor, who shares our vision and financially supports our ministry
  • a beacon, with wide access to our material, to use regularly in your worship
  • a consultant, who contributes to conversations as we seek to better serve the local church

What is involved?

To become a Partner Church, we invite a donation of £100+ per year. Primarily, this would be a gift. Your church's way of saying that you value and support the work of Resound Worship in developing new songs and songwriters for the church and that you want to invest in seeing the ministry continue to flourish.

But the partnership does come with benefits. We will share with you everything that we produce, in order to resource your worship:

  • An Annual Pass to the website - free access to every score, track, chart & video for nearly 150 songs
  • A complimentary copy of any CD or book produced in that year (including the new Doxecology CD, Study Guide and Music Book)
  • An annual newsletter
  • Your church listed as a Partner Church on our website, with a link back to your church website*

We would also like to include you in our wider conversations about worship. From time to time we will run surveys or consultations - either online or face-to-face - through which we seek to understand and better serve the needs of real churches, and you will make a valuable contribution to these.


Who might become a Partner Church?

There are various reasons a church might choose to become a partner. For example, you might:

  • regularly use Resound Worship songs and recognise the value to your worship
  • already hold an annual pass and wish to make an extra step of support
  • have songwriters among your members who have or could benefit from our ministry
  • share our commitment to producing songs of quality and substance, and support the aims and values of our parent charity SHWF

There are no geographical restrictions on becoming a Partner Church, we welcome churches from every location!

How do we sign up?

Please download the Registration Form which includes sign-up info and details of how to make your donation. On return of your completed form, a new account for your church will be created on the website and you will have immediate access to all the song resources. Please note, the completed form will need to be signed by a leader in your church.

If you have any questions, drop us a line using the form below.




We recognise that some churches may wish to make a greater contribution, proportional to their general budget, but we recommend £100 as a starting point.

Your annual gift would be treated as 'unrestricted funds', ie it would go into the general funds of the Song & Hymn Writers Foundation, our parent charity. This is partly because there are 'benefits' to you, so we would have to treat a proportion of it as general trading income; it is also because - as with all charitable organisations - unrestricted funds enable us to plan and do our work most effectively. If you would prefer to 'restrict' your gift, please do contact us.

It will not be possible to Gift Aid partnership gifts because they come from an organisation, even if donated by an individual. If you wish to personally fund your church's partnership, we recommend that you Gift Aid your gift to your church which would then make the partnership donation, rather than doing so on the church's behalf. If you prefer to make an individual donation outside this scheme you can do so here or by contacting us.

The Partner Churches scheme is designed to be an ongoing relationship, but you would be free to withdraw from the scheme at any time, while retaining access benefits through to the end of that partnership year.

*You can, of course, remain anonymous, but listing our Partner Churches is important to us. It lends credibility to what we do, demonstrating that we are working for, and with the support of, real, local churches.