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It's ok with me!

Spirit of God

Added 20th April 2015


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Spirit of God,
bring freedom to every heart.

Holy Counsellor,
lead us, lead us
into truth.

Awaken us,
life-giving breath of God.

Holy Spirit,
Holy Spirit,
send us in your power.

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Joel Payne at 09:50 on 13th May 2015
Is this on Youtube yet? I want to feature the song in my blog, and like to embed a featured song (either Youtube video or audio on soundcloud, etc). Thanks.
Paul Neeley at 08:07 on 13th May 2015
Pat, the song bundle includes the backing track which has all the instruments you hear on the full mp3 - or if you only need the backing track you can get hold of that on its own. Click the little preview play button by the Backing Track box above to hear a 30 second sample. Hope that helps, Matt
Matt Osgood at 15:33 on 28th April 2015
Does the Full Song Bundle have the drum part?
I really liked this song.
We only have 1 guitar, piano and a djembe in our group.
Pat Farra at 12:02 on 27th April 2015
Not often I find a song that moves me on first listening, but Wow.
Adrian McAinsh at 11:12 on 23rd April 2015
Haunting and powerful, AND inclusive language!
Ian Render at 14:48 on 21st April 2015
Bev Smith at 10:46 on 21st April 2015
Great song! I've always like songs sung in rounds and it's got a fantastic groove that I think would be very powerful in worship.
DEBBY LASSITER at 08:14 on 21st April 2015