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It's ok with me!

Let Praise Resound - Everything Bundle

Every piano score, choir scores and instrument score, mp3, backing track and video for the Let Praise Resound (Live) album.

Our first live album.

The culmination of 12 years of worship song writing.

We picked some of our best songs, gave them fresh arrangements and gathered a band and congregation for a wonderful day of worship. We're delighed to share it with you.

1. From life's beginng (Let praise resound)
2. Come and worship Christ the King
3. No greater love
4. Come let's sing (Psalm 95)
5. Jesus you have called us (I will follow)
6. Daily I stumble (Grace enough)
7. High in the heavens
8. Christ was raised
9. God our Father (Let your kingdom come)
10. Lord you hear the cry (Lord have mercy)
11. What kind of king (This is Jesus)
12. O Faithful Lord

For audio previews, individual scores, charts, CDs and more visit the Let Praise Resound page.