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It's ok with me!



We set our writers the challenge of searching the archives of British hymn publisher Jubilate to find texts that inspired them and then to write new tunes they would sing in their own churches. This collection is the result of that work.

Most of the texts are from the mid to late 20th century British writers, with a handful from recent years, and one Resound Worship original. We deliberately focused on some of those that were lesser known but deserved to be sung.

The album was recorded in a village Baptist Church in the East Midlands. We a took deliberately lo-fi approach, building the whole thing around a trio of piano, bass and drums, with minimal monitoring and everything captured live. We wanted the hymns to have an authentic, congregational feel, complete with creaks from the piano pedal and the occasional rumble of a passing lorry. The resulting recording captures the vibrancy and intimacy of the sound of worshippers together.  


The Songs

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